Traditional Services

Traditional funeral services include a family or public viewing of the deceased. Viewing of the deceased, especially by the immediate family, is helpful in the process of accepting death and an important step in the process of resolution of grief. Following this will be the funeral service, typically held in the church or in our funeral home. The service is followed by interment either below ground (Earth Burial), above ground (Entombment in a Mausoleum) or cremation.

A member of the clergy may be asked to conduct the service or, in non-religious ceremonies, a funeral celebrant, family member or close friend is asked to speak. Often, a eulogy is delivered, hymns are chosen, special music is played, passages of scripture or poems are selected and presented, or special requests of the deceased are honoured.

Personalized service folders, memorial registers, flowers, candles, portraits, collage boards and video tributes have all become very popular in memorializing the deceased’s life during the service.

We offer both Traditional Burial or Traditional Cremation services.