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Pre-planning your funeral can be as detailed or as simple as you choose. We start by recording your personal information that is required by Alberta Vital Statistics. This information, upon death, allows us to register the death with the Alberta Government. This consists of your full name, address, date and place of birth, Social Insurance Number, Alberta Health Care Number, Driver’s License Number, spouse’s first name and maiden name, occupation, parent’s names and their birthplaces, your mother’s maiden name and your executor’s name and contact information.

We then listen. You tell us what your wishes are and we will provide you with options based on what you have told us. These options include whether you would like to be buried, cremated or entombed in Edmonton or somewhere else in the World. We will also provide choices around how you wish your life to be honoured such as a Traditional Funeral, Celebration of Life, Graveside Service or a Basic Cremation.

You may also want to select a burial or cremation casket, urn or cremation jewelry, vault, music, catering menus, flowers, venue, monument or memorial marker.

You have the option of either pre-paying for your services or having us keep your information on file. If the plan is paid in full or via monthly payments our services and merchandise will be guaranteed at today’s cost for the rest of your life. If you choose for us to simply keep your wishes on file, your chosen services can be paid for when the death occurs.

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