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Video Tribute

Trinity Funeral Home provides the ability to produce Video Tributes for the families we serve. A Video Tribute can contain video clips, stills and a soundtrack to capture the memories of a life lived that can be printed to DVD and enjoyed for years to come. Reaction from families suggests that the video tribute will be long considered a family treasure. Technology allows us to take small pictures difficult to view and have them fill a television screen. We think you may be amazed at what we can do with pictures you provide. If you are interested in this service, please read the directions below for more information.

    1. Collect pictures: A Video Tribute is assembled using an unlimited number of pictures, which span the life of your loved one. Most Memorial Tributes are created using 75 pictures or less. The first step is to collect the pictures you wish to use for the Video Tribute. These pictures can also be used in preparing a memory board.

*Additional pictures beyond 75 are not recommended because the length becomes too great for most viewers.

*Please choose individual photos. Please remove photographs from frames and albums. Photos larger than 8 inches x 12 inches will be cropped.

  1. Put pictures into order: The second step is to put these pictures into a logical order. Many families prefer a chronological order, but we will be glad to assemble the video in any order you desire. We ask that you place an adhesive number (which we will give to you) on the back of each picture, and we will assemble the video in that order.
  2. Musical Selections: Music for the Memorial Tribute must be provided by the family in CD format. The video will run five to eight minutes, so please select a primary song and perhaps a supplemental song or two to complete the soundtrack. You may also indicate the order of the songs.
  3. Additional Copies: The Memorial Tribute is created to provide meaningful services to the families we serve. To that end, we produce the video and provide one master copy of the DVD. Many of our families have requested additional copies of the DVD for other family members and friends. We produce these additional master videos at a nominal cost of $20.00 per DVD, but we ask that you submit your request for additional master DVD’s within two weeks of receiving your first DVD. After this time, a $25.00 processing fee may be assessed to restore the content from archival.

Memorial Candles

Trinity Funeral Home provides each of our full service families with a memorial candle as a tribute to their loved one. The candle is lit at the funeral or memorial service and the candle is given to the family to take home where it continues to give comfort. Many families will light the candle on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions to commemorate the life that was lived.

Memory Boards

Many families also like to make a collage of pictures celebrating the life of their loved one in addition to the Video Tribute. If you would like to have both the Video Tribute and Memory Boards, please bring your photos for the video tribute with you when you come to make arrangements. That way we can return them to you within 24 hours, allowing you time create your memory boards and utilize some of the same photos on your memory boards if you wish. Poster boards used to create the memory boards will be made available to the family at the time of the arrangement conference.


Obituaries may be placed in the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun.

Memorial Folders


Obituary:The deadline to submit obituaries and photos is 12 noon on the day prior to publication. Electronic submission (email or online) deadline is 1 p.m. Monday-Saturday on the day prior to the publication and 12 noon on Sunday. The deadline to make changes to an obituary is 2 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 1 p.m. on Sunday. Holiday hours will differ so please contact us at (780) 474-4663 BEFORE any decisions are made to add to or change any obituary information.

Rates:The Edmonton Journal charges $9.10 per line. Photo costs $100 & they charge a base fee of $25 per notice. G.S.T not included.

Multiple Insertions:Obituaries may run more than one day. There is NO discount rate for multiple insertions.

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