Why Preplan

Preplanning is all about taking charge of your end-of-life options – for yourself and more importantly your loved ones.

Why Should I Plan Ahead?

When it comes right down to it, preplanning is all about making sure your wishes are known and more importantly that they will be carried out when you die. If you suddenly passed away, would your family know, and agree on…

  • What you would have wanted…
  • What kind of service you would have preferred…
  • How much you would have wanted them to spend…
  • Where to turn for help…

Probably not. By preplanning your funeral arrangements, you protect your loved ones from the stress of having to make difficult, costly, and often hasty decisions – all at an emotional time. You’ll arrange for the type of funeral you want – at the funeral home of your choice – at the price you want to pay.

Preplanning relieves your family of financial burden

It’s unfortunate but death comes with a financial cost. Depending on your wishes and the circumstances of death, the cost can range from very inexpensive to very expensive. Paying for the funeral in advance ensures that your family won’t have to carry the financial burden, and the funeral doesn’t cost any more then you determine.

Financial benefits of preplanning

  • The funeral merchandise and service fees are guaranteed at today’s prices, eliminating inflation
  • Payment may be made as a single payment or in monthly installments from 1 – 20 payment plans
  • The full amount of the funeral is often paid if a death occurs during a payment plan
  • The funds are protected by Assuris, in the event that the selected funeral home is no longer in business, and can be assigned to another funeral home
  • Complimentary spousal accidental death coverage as well as for grandchildren and great-grandchildren

Benefits of preplanning with Trinity Funeral Home

Funeral costs are not the same wherever you go. Not only is there a huge difference in costs between funeral homes, more importantly the level of service and professionally qualified staff is different. At Trinity Funeral Home we are up front when we say we have the most affordable prices in Edmonton and area and in addition to that we also employ the best funeral directors, embalmers, and prearrangement advisors in the industry!

We have guided many people just like you through the preplanning experience – answering questions, alleviating concerns – helping you to feel confident about your preplan choices. Preplanning generally takes a few hours to complete. Preplanning only takes a little time, but can save countless hours of time and indecision for your family. The gift of preplanning is one of the greatest you can give to your loved ones. We encourage you to contact us at info@trinityfh.com, call us at (780) 460-0637, or use our online contact form. We look forward to assisting you!