Green Burial Services

What is a green burial?

Green burial services, or Natural Burial, are focused on reducing the environmental impact on the earth. All materials used in the process, including the casket, shroud, and even clothing, is made up of biodegradable materials. Concrete vaults and grave liners are not used and there are generally no traditional monuments erected to mark the grave. Instead, a communal boulder, plaque, garden or fence is erected for memorialization. In some cases, an indigenous plant or rock can be placed at the gravesite.

green burial shroud

Graveside Service

Includes the following:

  • Professional Services
  • Basic Documentation
  • Local Transfer from Place of Death
  • Professional Staff Services
  • Biodegradable Shroud or Casket
  • Transportation to Green Burial *Location

*Within 100km radius.

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Green Boutique

We have always offered traditional services and products that create a meaningful funeral or cremation experience, but now we also offer services that minimize the overall environmental impact on our Environment.

These services result in the reduction of carbon emissions, toxification, and waste. From caskets and urns made of biodegradable materials, along with a partnership with Edmonton’s only Green Cemetery, we hope to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions, conserve natural resources, and preserve our habitat.

Why choose a Green Burial?

While our Green Burial service is done without any traditional monuments to mark the site of your loved one, family of the deceased can visit the Green Cemetery site here in Edmonton as a park and commemorate the lives of not just those whom have passed but that of the land we are giving back to. In partnership with Edmonton’s only Green Cemetery, we at Trinity Funeral Home wish to offer those grieving with these services that aim to give back to Alberta by promoting biodiversity and animal habitation in this eco-friendly burial alternative.

Where traditional services often use non-degradable grave liners and utilize toxic embalming fluids that seep into the earth and in turn harm the environment, Green Burials aim to make the burial process more sustainable and preserve Edmonton greenspaces for future generations to come.

Think Green

The Green Burial Society of Canada defines green and natural burials by five simple principles:
No Embalming — Bodies that are not embalmed can still be prepared for burial and viewing in a dignified fashion. By not embalming, we are not just preserving Edmonton burial but also Alberta burial sites in a way that reduces our carbon footprint.

Direct Earth Burial — The decedent is wrapped in biodegradable material and interred directly into the Earth.

Ecological Restoration and Conservation — Visitation to the Green Burial site is sensitively managed for the cohabitation of wildlife and family of deceased wanting to commemorate loved ones.

Communal Memorialization — Edmonton’s green burial site serves as a living memorialization to your loved one and everyone interred there.

Optimized Land Use — The site is designed to optimize land use to further promote natural sustainability and the environment it is located in.

For more information on Green Burials, visit their website here here or give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a green burial?

The Green Burial Council believes cemeteries, preserves, and burial grounds can broadly be considered green if they meet the following criteria: caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat. Green burial necessitates the use of non-toxic and biodegradable materials, such as caskets, shrouds, and urns.

Is a Green Burial less expensive?

Our green burial services start at $2295 and include the following services: professional graveside services, basic documentation, local transfer from place of death, professional staff services, biodegradable shroud or casket, and transportation to a green burial location *within 100km radius.*

Does Trinity provide casketless burial services?

Yes. A person can be directly interred in the earth, in a shroud, or in a vault without a casket. This is an option that is considered in green burial. It is not illegal, as most assume, to be buried without a casket.

What are the benefits of choosing a Green Burial?

By choosing to purchase a green burial package, you will be able to minimize the overall environmental impact on our environment by utilizing biodegradable and recycled materials.

Is it possible to be buried on land of my choosing?

Following Chapter C-3 of the Alberta Cemeteries Act: “no person shall bury a dead human body in any place other than a cemetery in respect of which a final certificate of approval has been issued by the Director under this Act or the regulations”, our Green Burial service can only be done at a Green Burial location.

Are there any limitations to having a Green Burial?

As green or natural burials aim to reduce carbon emissions, decedents who have been embalmed, cremated, or are in a non-biodegradable container cannot be interred in as part of the green burial service.