Updated June 1, 2021

Trinity Funeral Home Ltd. is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of the families we serve and our valued employees.

These are very challenging times and we understand that you are all concerned. Trinity will continue to serve families during this worldwide pandemic in accordance with the recommendations from Alberta Health Services (AHS), the Province of Alberta, Chief Medical Officer and the Government of Canada.

Trinity Staff & Locations

  • All staff will be practicing all general hygienic and social distancing measures put forth by AHS as are current and as they are updated.
  • Our business hours of operation may change to allow the scheduling of families later in the day

Funeral Arrangements

  • To better serve our community, funeral arrangements can be made in person, over the telephone or online.
  • When coming to the funeral home in person, we’re able to safely accommodate a maximum of only 2 people in order to provide the recommended distance from one another, We’re allowing 1-2 people for arrangements (not 3), please ensure that includes the legal next of kin or executor.

In the event the executor or next of kin have recently travelled, please send an alternate appointed representative.

  • As a safe alternative, arrangements may also be made via Teleconference (phone) or Skype
  • All merchandise will be online to better facilitate remote appointments.
  • Authorizations for cremation will be collected electronically.

Funeral Services

Effective immediately, as per AHS regulations, Funeral Services can only be attended by up to 20 people, this excludes funeral home staff and clergy. The maximum 20 people amount also applies to both outdoor cemetery services. Mausoleum services may vary.

  • Funeral services may be live-streamed so that family members unable to attend may hear and watch the service.
  • To ensure distance and hygiene protocols are effective, we are suspending the use of our reception facilities until further notice.

Repatriation Services

  • Trinity Funeral Home Ltd. is a Transport Canada Certified Shipper. The current travel ban will significantly affect the transportation of human remains in to and out of Canada. Please contact us for the latest information on repatriation restrictions.

Additional Funeral Home Services

  • We can arrange delivery services for cremated remains to ensure Social Distancing.
  • For families having Funeral or Celebration of Life services at a different location we will be providing delivery services to include – cremated remains, memorial stationery, flowers etc.
  • Final Document Service (FDS) – Families using our Final Document Service will still be able to do so in person at our Westend location or remotely. Please ensure only a maximum of 2 people attend including the Executor or Executrix.

Pre-Arrangement of funeral services

  • We understand there is a heightened sense of wanting to make sure things are taken care of while in this uncertainty. To meet that demand;

We have the ability to teleconference or video conference with you and prepare documents to put your pre-arrangements in place. This is simple, easy and quick.

Communication is essential in order to ensure the safety of all involved in providing these important services. Please contact Trinity Funeral Home Ltd. at 780-474-4663 BEFORE setting dates and times for funeral services.

Things are changing on a daily basis and as new information becomes available, we will do our best to keep you updated. Even in these days of “Social Distancing”, we endeavour to provide the same caring and compassionate service we are known for. As we heed the advice and recommendations from all relevant Health bodies, we maintain our commitment to ensure your loved ones are receiving the utmost respect and care. Please don’t hesitate to call on us when needed.

John Laureano
Trinity Funeral Home