The Arrangements are Over… Now What?

Most individuals are not aware that when a family member dies survivors and executors are then faced with a myriad of administrative tasks to complete. Unfortunately, this process is challenging and much more serious than you think.

In today’s world, extra measures need to be taken to prevent the deceased from being a victim of identity theft. It’s critical that the administrative responsibilities are done right.

Fortunately Trinity Funeral Home will make this process as safe-guarded and easy as it should be. Our Final Document Service saves survivors and executors hundreds of hours and likely thousands of dollars by completing the required tasks efficiently, securely and economically.

You no longer have to worry about complicated Government Forms and paperwork which can often be very confusing and time consuming. Take comfort knowing all your responsibilities were handled professionally.

Categories covered by Final Document Service…

  • Notification of Death to Service Canada
  • Notification of Death to Canada Pension Plan
  • Notification of Death to Old Age Security
  • Notification of Death to Canada Revenue Agency
  • CPP Death Benefit Application
  • CPP Survivors Benefit Application
  • Notification to RCMP – Firearms License
  • Notification to AISH
  • Social Insurance Number cancellation
  • Notification to Alberta Seniors Benefit
  • Notification to WCB
  • Notification to Alberta Health Care
  • Notification to Alberta Blue Cross
  • Notification to Alberta Motor Vehicles Division
  • Notification to Equifax Canada
  • Notification to TransUnion Canada
  • Notification to Passport Canada
  • Certified Declaration of Legal Marriage
  • Certified Declaration of Common-law Union
  • Certified Canada Post address change letter
  • Certified Declaration for Joint Tennant Land Titles Office