Why Preplan

We understand that certain aspects of funeral planning can be difficult, especially regarding matters you may not have any control over. Here at Trinity Funeral Homes, we help individuals preplan their funeral services. By having a prepaid funeral plan, you can help take some of the burden off of your loved ones during their time of mourning. You also ensure that your wishes are fully and respectfully carried out.

Why Should I Plan Ahead?

There are several benefits to having prepaid funerals, such as the assurance that your family and loved ones won’t have to make difficult, costly, and often hasty decisions regarding your funeral arrangements. In the event of your passing, your family would know and agree on:

  • What you would have wanted…
  • What kind of service you would have preferred…
  • How much you would have wanted them to spend…
  • Where to turn for help…

By preplanning your funeral arrangements, you have control over the type of funeral you will receive at the funeral home of your choice, and at a price you want to pay.

Relieve Financial Burdens with Prepaid Funeral Plans

It’s unfortunate, but death comes with a financial cost. Depending on your wishes and the circumstances of death, the cost can become very expensive. With our prepaid funeral services, your family won’t have to carry the financial burden, and the funeral doesn’t cost any more than you determine.

  • The funeral merchandise and service fees are guaranteed at today’s prices, eliminating inflation
  • Payment may be made as a single payment or in monthly installments from 1 – 20 payment plans
  • The full amount of the funeral is often paid if a death occurs during a payment plan
  • The funds are protected by Assuris, in the event that the selected funeral home is no longer in business, and can be assigned to another funeral home
  • Complimentary spousal accidental death coverage as well as for grandchildren and great-grandchildren

Preplan with Trinity Funeral Home

Funeral services are not the same wherever you go. Not only do expenses vary but, more importantly, the approach, level of service, and qualifications of the staff are different. At Trinity Funeral Home, we have the most affordable prices in Edmonton and the surrounding communities. In addition, we employ the best funeral directors, embalmers, and prearrangement advisors in the industry.

We will guide you throughout the planning process of making funeral arrangements — answering questions and alleviating your concerns. Preplanning only takes a few hours but can save your loved ones countless days of indecision. We encourage you to contact us at info@trinityfuneral.com, call us at (780) 474-4663, or use our online contact form. We look forward to assisting you with all your funeral needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in making pre-arrangements?

A prepaid funeral can be as detailed or as simple as you choose. We start the planning process by recording your personal information required by Alberta Vital Statistics upon registration of death. This consists of important information, such as your full name, address, date & place of birth, Social Insurance Number, Alberta Health Care Number, Driver's License Number, etc.

We then proceed to plan the funeral according to your wishes and provide you with options. These options include whether you want burial, entombment, or cremation services, and where you want it to be. We will also discuss ceremonies and how you would like your life to be honoured. Funeral accessories will also be considered.

You have the option of either pre-paying for your planning services or having us keep your information on file. If the plan is paid in full or via monthly payments, our services and merchandise will be guaranteed at today’s cost for the rest of your life. If you choose for us to simply keep your wishes on file, your chosen services can be paid for when the death occurs.

Why should I pre-arrange my funeral planning?

Quite simply, you pre-arrange for your surviving family. A prepaid funeral relieves them from the burden of making decisions in times of grief and stress. You also have the opportunity to make practical and rational decisions while you are well and to select only the services and merchandise you want, not what your family may think you wanted.

Do you have payment options?

Yes. You can pay for the funeral pre-arrangement in full or in 12 interest-free monthly installments. You can also make payments over anywhere from 2-15 years. Contact us at Trinity Funeral Home for more information.

How is my money protected?

When you pay for your pre-arrangement, the money is paid to TruStage Life of Canada, formerly Assurant Life of Canada, a company that protects your life insurance plan. They hold your money until death occurs. Only then, by providing proof of death, will those funds be released to Trinity Funeral Home. To learn more about TruStage (formerly Assurant) Life of Canada, visit their website here for more details.

Why pre-arrange funeral planning with Trinity?

Trinity Funeral Home is the right choice for your prepaid funeral, due to our:

  • Experience: Trinity Funeral Home has been serving Edmonton and its surrounding areas since 2009, providing compassionate care and unparalleled service to more than 4,000 families
  • Superior Standards: As a family-owned and operated company, we remain proudly independent and locally-owned. We are accountable to you, which keeps our standards high. Our reputation and commitment to excellence is why we have been Edmonton's fastest-growing Funeral Home
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our beautiful facilities at the core of Downtown Edmonton were designed to provide a sense of warmth, peace, and closure
  • Personalized Services: Our caring professionals will listen, suggest, organize, and carry out ceremonies that are comforting and full of meaning. We can also provide consultation at the venue of your choice
  • Exceptional Staff: We have carefully chosen each member of our staff to ensure that our families receive the most professional, compassionate care

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