Traditional Burial

Traditional Burial & Funeral Services in Edmonton, Alberta

As an enduring practice to honour loved ones who have passed, traditional burials give a tribute to the deceased while providing a proper grieving space for the families and loved ones left behind. When you choose a traditional burial, it will include a family or public viewing of the deceased, a funeral service and interment.

Viewing the deceased, especially by the immediate family, can be an important step in the grieving process.

A funeral service will take place soon after, typically held in the church or at the funeral home. A member of the clergy, celebrant, family member, or a close friend may be asked to conduct the service. During the service, a eulogy is delivered, hymns are played, passages of scripture or poems are presented, or special requests of the deceased are honoured. Personalized service folders, memorial registers, flowers, candles, portraits, and video tributes have all become very popular in memorializing the deceased’s life during the service.

The service is then followed by interment either below ground (earth burial), above ground (entombment in a mausoleum), or cremation.

Custom burials in Alberta, placing a rose on top of the casket
Burials in Alberta can be prearranged to give loved ones more time to grieve as a family

Prearrange a Traditional Burial Ceremony

Here at Trinity Funeral Home, we know how hard it is to say goodbye to your loved ones. With our advanced planning services, you can save your loved ones from the added financial stress during their time of grief and ensure that your last wishes are respected. Our preplanning advisors have years of experience in sensitively guiding individuals through customizing a personal funeral plan and ensuring that their affairs are well taken care of.

No matter how simple or elaborate you want your traditional burial services to be, our preplanning advisors are here for you. Talk with our preplanning advisors today and make the most of the time you have with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Candles on display for a custom funeral, burials in Alberta

Custom Burial Services

Aside from burial options, we also have a selection of caskets, urns, and cremation jewellery for loved ones and family members to choose from to forever memorialize the departed. We understand how difficult this process may be and will work with you to ensure the memory of your loved one is forever and properly commemorated.

Traditional Burial Service Fee


Includes the following:

  • Arrangement conference at our funeral home
  • Registration of Death with Alberta Vital Statistics
  • Transfer from place of death (24-hour service) within 100KM of greater Edmonton
  • Composing of obituary and free posting on our website
  • Conferring with clergy to set date and time of funeral service
  • Conferring with musicians
  • Conferring with floral suppliers regarding floral arrangements
  • Conferring with cemetery to order opening & closing of the grave
  • Conferring with Alberta Wilbert for burial vault or liner products
  • Embalming of deceased
  • Dressing & personal care of deceased
  • Funeral directors to conduct services
  • Funeral home equipment
  • Committal service at cemetery
  • 12 statements of death
  • Clergy and cemetery permits
  • Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board Fee


The following options may be added to the Traditional Funeral. Additional charges apply.

  • Casket
  • Funeral coach & pilot/service vehicle
  • Register book, memorial folders, and candles
  • DNA banking by SecuriGene
  • Limousine service (15 passenger Lincoln Navigator)
  • Floral arrangements
  • Funeral chapel, church, or another facility for service
  • Evening service fees
  • Reception centre, catering & hostess services
  • Clergy, celebrant, or musician honorariums
  • Obituary in Edmonton Journal or Edmonton Sun (or other publication) – Lineage rate applies. Please ask your funeral director for current costs
  • Final Document Service
  • Memorial video tribute
  • Live streaming services
  • Cemetery fees (grave, perpetual care, opening/closing fees & outer receptacle)
  • Courier fees for a medical certificate of death
Funeral services can be held in a church or chapel, Alberta burials
Flowers are a standard funeral, traditional burial or bereavement gift in Edmonton, Alberta
We provide a variety of flowers and candles for Edmonton burials

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of traditional funeral services?

Traditional funeral services typically involve a visitation or wake, a funeral service, a committal service, and a funeral reception. During the visitation, family and guests come to pay their respects to the deceased. The funeral service, which is typically held at a funeral home, church, or gravesite, is a ceremony done to memorialize who has passed. A committal service, a formal ceremony to inter the deceased, soon follows with either internment below ground, above ground, or through cremation. Lastly, the funeral reception takes place after, which provides a time to celebrate the life of your loved one who has passed.

What are my options for grave markers and headstones?

During the funeral arrangement, our funeral directors will provide you and your family with a list of resources and local companies that are able to customize a memorial monument to your liking. We will also work together with the cemetery to ensure that your selection fits what you have in mind — whether that is a grave marker for plots of various sizes, mausoleums, lawn crypts, and columbariums.

For more information, be sure to contact one of our funeral directors at (780) 474-4663.

What is a graveside service?

A graveside service, also called the committal service, is a formal ceremony that takes place at your loved one’s final resting grounds. This service typically happens following the funeral service and can involve one or two individuals saying a few words and the family members laying a special memento on the casket.

Do we need to have an obituary written?

We recommend that you have one written for your loved ones so that it may inform and relay funeral service details to individuals who may want to come and pay their respects. Our traditional burial service covers the cost of composing an obituary and free posting to our website.

We can also post your obituary in local newspapers such as the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun at an additional cost. Please ask our funeral directors for more details.

Candles can be provided in the custom package for burials in Alberta
ustom burials in Alberta can include bouquets of flowers for your loved one’s casket
Traditional burials are the right choice for many families
We provide a selection of caskets, flowers, and candles for custom burials in Alberta
If you prefer cremations to burials, you can still take advantage of our custom funeral service