Travel Assurance

So many Canadians are away from home these days for business, family visits and recreation. Traveling has become second nature to most of us and we tend to forget that when we’re away from home… anything can happen.

Although we are extremely experienced in repatriation services – there are some things a person should be aware of…

  • A funeral home, where the death occurred, needs to be contacted and their costs have to be paid for by the family
  • Consular services will be required to ensure proper documentation is in order for the deceased to return home
  • Transportation costs will vary depending on the airline and those costs are out of our control
  • The costs associated with bringing a loved one home could be well over $13000
  • It could take up to two weeks or more for the deceased to finally return home

Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan

Lifetime Membership $450 USD including GST

Key benefits of this VERY AFFORDABLE lifetime plan include:

  • Return of deceased from anywhere in the world when death occurs 100 kilometers from their legal residence
  • Preparation of the deceased for transport home to Canada or direct disposition where death has occurred
  • Consulate paper work, fees, legal proof of death certificate
  • Minimal necessary casket and or air tray for transport
  • Coverage of all airline fees and charges associated with the transportation of the body
  • Legal translations of documents, interpreter referrals, emergency message transmission to family members
  • Assistance with the return of accompanying pets
  • No health questions; no age restrictions – everyone qualifies
  • No renewal fees; one time fee for lifetime coverage regardless of amount of travel

Who can purchase the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan?

The Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan can be purchased by anyone with no restrictions as either a stand alone product or as part of your pre-arranged funeral plan. Even if you have made your pre-arrangements at another funeral home, you may still purchase the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan directly from us.

For more information or to purchase the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan, please contact us at 780-474-4663

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