David Charles Dunbar

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October 24 1962 - March 8th 2016

David Charles Dunbar, age 54, passed away suddenly on the morning of March 8th 2016 in Edmonton Alberta. He is preceded in death by his best friend and beloved mother Rose Ellen Dunbar, and father Danny Dunbar. He is Survived by his 2 children, Joseph Charles Dunbar , and Daughter, Maria Ellen Gladue (Dunbar) His daughter in-law Ashley Kornak , and his Son in-law Ronald Gladue. Also, his Pride and joy were his grandchildren, Dominic , Kira, Monica , Anika, Triniti, Alexi, and Emma.

David was a selfless man. He was beloved father, and a great friend. David struggled with life for a long time, but no matter what situation he got himself into, he always came out on top with a smile on his face and love in his heart. He will forever be in our hearts, and loved and missed by all who were lucky enough to know him.

Memorial Service
Monday March 21, 2016 10 am
Sacred Heart Church of the First People's
10821 96 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2J8

  1. Rest in peace David you will be missed Dearly

  2. I loved my grandpa so much.And he loved me just the same.I remember he would let me hold his hands and climb him.I also remember he came to my moms Christmas dinner and we ate a big dinner feast.

    🙂 🙂

  3. my dad was an awesome man, he loved the idea of sticking it to the man, and wouldn’t let anybody tell him what to do. i love him for that. i love him for staying true to his beliefs and not letting anybody push him around. i love him even more for never giving up on me. during my darkest times, my dad chased me all over Canada trying to track me down to help me get clean and sober. everytime he found out i had been arrested, he dropped his life, packed up and moved to whatever city i was being held in. and no matter how many times i turned my back, my dad was always there. he never gave up on me. and when i finally decided for myself that it was time to straighten out my life, i reached out to my dad, and he was there for me. i only have him to thank for me being the person i am today. i would not have made it this far without his persistence, his patience and his love. Daddy, i love you so much, and i dont think i ever told you this, but you have always been my hero.


  4. I first met David at my brother Rons house as he was my brothers wife’s dad!! He was very soft spoken and shy I could tell. He did his best to be a good father and grandpa.it really touched my heart to hear of his sudden passing as I know what he had to live through . David you have blessed our family with your beautiful daughter Maria and I promise you we will look after her forever as she is our family and we love her she’s a very good mother and wife and our family is blessed to have her so please don’t worry about her she is safe in our hands. I pray you will rest in peace. You will be missed by all who knew you .

  5. I just recently met David, as I had a temporary job at the Strathcona front desk, he would stay at the front area Saturday mornings and drink coffee and chat about life…….which eventually led to him asking if I had an extra room in the house I was staying at, and we did, and my brother decided to rent out his guest room to David,……..and David ended becoming our room mate, in the house he was found……..(sorry for being graphic)………he was mostly on his alone, always travelling around the city by bus or taxi-cab, and occasionally, ……..we went for coffee at Tim Hortons on Whyte ave………..we had some good times, and we were making plans to go camping and drive to B.C. for some camping this summer, and buy a second hand car…………..I’m sorry to see him go, Condolences to David, and his friends and Family……

  6. My condolences to the Dunbar family. David was a friend, and a part of my family. We had good and bad times in our day, but am glad to say the good always outweighed the bad. And we had some good times lol. I know you had your issues David as we all do in life, but you persevered my friend. Be happy and proud in the knowledge that your children have grown up into fine young adults and blessed you with scores of grandchildren to love and carry on your name. You made your mark on a lot of us David whether you knew it or not. You will be missed my friend, but never forgotten.

  7. Joey and Maria I am going to really miss your father. He would see me walking through the mall before i started work and we would just walk along and chit chat. He would also come into the store just to say hi and let me know how he is doing and what he was up to that day. We may not have gotten along alot of times but he sure was a proud father when you guys were born. He did try his hardest to be there and whenever i needed anything from him for you guys he always told me just to give him a call and he will do his best to help. He did the best job he could do for you guys and for that i am grateful to him. And i know when we had that pic taken of us together put a huge smile on his face. The one thing i am going to miss is him saying Hey you old boot how are you doing LOL. So David you can come see me any time from the other side and I will know it is you when you say Hey you old boot how are you doing LOL R.I.P David..you and your mom are together once again 🙂 I am going to miss you

  8. I miss you dad.

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