Neal Robert Gibson

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Neal Robert Gibson

Neal passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday, May 24, 2015 in High Prairie Alberta, age 35. Neal is survived by his daughter Daisalynn Gibson and her mother Renee Bird; his mother Pat Lingel (Allan), father Rob Gibson (Susanna), sister Carla Gibson Boisvert (Jason) and brother Paul Gibson. He is also survived by his grandmother Theresa Odegaard and many aunts, uncles and cousins in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Neal was born January 8, 1980 in Churchill, Manitoba. He grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 2000, where he worked in the drywall and construction industry. Special thanks to his uncle Reinhardt Lutter for giving him his start. Neal was a very talented and largely self-taught guitarist. From an early age he displayed an uncanny ability to play any song after hearing it just once. He also loved sports, and played hockey and golf with the same intuitive ability and passion that he brought to his music. He loved skateboarding, skiing and swimming, and passed on his love of music and sports to his daughter, who was the light of his life. Neal was very proud of Daisy, and his greatest joy was spending time with her.

A private family memorial will be held in the near future.

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  1. I was really taken back by this sad news about Neal. He was my best friend in childhood and even as our paths grew apart over the years, still I feel the same; a best friend forever and no matter. We did keep in touch as much as we could.

    I feel for his family and close friends, I hope that you all are okay, as possibly you can.

    I read something once that I want to share, and I sum up as best as I can from memory. We are from earth, earth is from astroids, and asteroids from stars are from… So we come the dust of stars, once a thriving life force and continued to another thriving life force. It is continuous, life is. So we may pass but really we just move, we transition, we will thrive again. Knowing this, I know that Neal is still here. I know its not the same but this is the truth that it is.

    Rob, Pat, Paul, Carla, thank you for the memories. I remember very clearly, still, you all yelling his name when he’d got under your skin “NEALLLL!”

    Robert Remando

    • Thank-you for your kind words. You sound like you have grown into a very mature and caring person. I wish Neal would have stayed more in contact with you over the years. I ran into your parents a few years ago. Your mom was in the hospital. I hope your parents are well. I also remember your brother Scott, and know that you had some sisters. Hope everyone is well. Take care. Pat

      • Thanks Pat. I hope you are doing well.

  2. My deepest condolences to Pat, Rob, Carla, Paul and Daisy. As well as the rest of Neal’s family. This news came to me from another very close friend of mine from River Heights Elementary, Rob Remando. Neal was a wonderful friend, and an inspiration to me starting guitar lessons myself. I don’t know I ever did get as good as him! I spent so much time with Neal in my elementary years, he really was one of my best childhood friends. I wish only that I could have stayed in touch with him over the years. This is heart breaking news. Again, all my sympathy and prayers to Neal’s family.

    • Thank-you Garth. I do remember you and Neal being friends. It helps to know that there are friends who remember Neal when he was younger. Pat

  3. Pat, my heart goes out to all of you. I wish there were words that could help, but I don’t think there are. This is one of those things that leave you feeling like you are alone in a void, but remember there are people who share your grief. When you need to talk, call. When you need to cry, call. When you need to reminisce, call. Neil was a good person who lived a difficult life. Hold on to the good memories and let them, and joy in Daisa, be his legacy. I will remember him.

    • Just let me know if you get this, I am replying to some of the condolences.

  4. I was so sad to hear about Neil. My condolences go out to his family. Neil was around our house a lot in Saskatoon. He was good friends with my son and their band always had jam sessions in our basement when they were in their teens. I have not seen Neil in some years and knew he had many life struggles and always hoped he could overcome them. It is so sad you had to die so young Neil may God be with you and rest in peace. Brenda & Kelly Mitchell

    • Thank-you for your condolences. It was nice to see both Jason and Jill at the service. It brings back many memories. I know Neal spent a lot of time at your house. Take care and I hope you are well. Pat

  5. My heart is broken about Neal’s passing. He was a friend to me for many many years. Sympathy and my deep love goes out to everyone that knew him, especially his immediate family and Daisy. Neal always had so much to say about her. He was a proud Dad. One thing I always loved about Neal is his radiant smile and laughter, he sure knew how to light up a room. You are truly at peace now Neal, the Angels have taken you to a much better place. Love you, Jill Mitchell

  6. Our heartfelt sympathy to you Pat, Rob, Carla, Paul and all of Neal’s family. We all have fond memories of him from his days at River Heights. God bless you with healing and peaceful hearts.
    Brian, Willa, Brett and Reid Fernets

    • Thank-you for your kind words. It takes me back to those days on Churchill Drive. I hope you are all well. Carla just had a baby June 5th, a boy. I remember teasing her about either Reed or Brett being her boyfriend. Hope your family is well. Pat

  7. It was extremely heartbreaking to hear of Neal’s untimely passing. We know that those we love who pass away, live on in all of us through our loving memories. We are praying for you and your families to have peace and strength at this time, and please know that you are loved.
    Uncle Ken, Auntie Donna, Mike, Kim, Brynn, Don, Michelle, Lisa and Gary

  8. To the family of Neal Robert Gibson,
    I was very touched when I read the story of your loved one. It seems so very unfair when death has the power to rob us of their company. Being told they are in heaven isn’t much comfort when all we want is to hug them again. The Bible does give us hope though that in the near future we will be reunited with our loved ones right here on earth under peaceful and perfect conditions. The Bible also promises that all will be healthy and that there will be nothing that will make mankind suffer in any way any more. This scripture is found at REVELATION 21:4 “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” Did you notice that it said there would be no more death? That is truly something that can give us hope, because it means that all those who have died will be brought back to life here on earth to be with their loved ones. We can believe this because, while Jesus was on earth, he himself ressurrected 3 people. He was very touched by their deaths, so we know he will continue to do this in the future. I hope this has brought you some comfort.

    Yours truly,
    Marilyn Ens

    be sure to check out

  9. Dear Rob, Susan, Pat, Allan, Carla and Paul,
    At times like this there are no words that can express our sincere sympathy for all of your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God Bless.
    Brent & Susan Sadoway

    • Thank-you for your condolences. It takes me back to Churchill and Winnipeg. Sometimes it seems like yesterday. Hope you and your family are well. Carla just had a baby boy, June 5. Maybe will see you sometime. Hope your family is well. Pat

  10. It’s been a long time since our paths parted though I still think your family and the kindness that was shown to a troubled child daily. Neil never treated me like the brat I was and I’ll never forget him for that. Always a kind soul, now in a better place. Please accept my condolences Carla and family. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling.

  11. My deepest condolences go out to you Pat, Paul, Rob and Carla. You guys have always felt like a second family to me. My earliest memories of Neal were from the days of Albany Cres. I believe it was Neal who introduced me to the world of Beavis and Butthead. I also remember Neal giving Paul lots of “Flying Elbows” off of the couch. Neal was taken much too soon. I am really sorry for your loss 🙁

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