Gerrit James (BG) Kinloch-Galesloot

March 15, 1982 - December 11, 2023
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We are devastated to announce the sudden passing of Gerrit James (BG) Kinloch-Galesloot on December 11th, 2023. BG was born March 15, 1982 and was a precious and loving soul. He is remembered for his big hugs, his charm, his love of animals, and the numerous creative talents he developed and generously shared with so many. He was a knowledgeable and passionate gardener and was often found in his garden with his goofy hat, one of his abundant pairs of sunglasses, and feeling the life of the soil through his bare feet. In his youth he excelled in whatever athletic endeavours he committed to - he was a star of his school football and basketball teams, an avid skier and snowboarder, and a cherished hiking, backpacking and fishing companion. As a young adult, his creative soul was expressed in his love of cooking (working as a chef, creating menus, running restaurants), his appreciation of music (self-taught on the guitar, ukulele, keyboard), and the arts (also a self-taught painter). Gerrit fought hard for many years to overcome substance use disorder. He committed himself to many treatment programs, determined to find a new life path.

BG will be forever loved and missed by his devoted mother Brenda Kinloch, his partner Priya Narine, father Gerrit Galesloot, “bonus mum” Suzanne Galesloot, older “Zen” sister Erin Kinloch-Galesloot, younger brother Thomas Galesloot and his beloved dog Cedar. His magical soul touched and is missed by many friends, aunts, uncles and cousins. In lieu of flowers and gifts please light a candle in his name and become a voice for finding a way out of the darkness for those struggling with mental health and substance use.

A celebration of his gifts and beauty will be planned for friends and family for a future date, likely in the Spring when we can feel him in the soil of the earth.

  1. My husband and I were shattered at the news of BGs untimely passing. He was a very complex, gifted and gentle soul. I will always remember him as a little blonde boy with a impish grin. Our hearts and love go out to his mother Brenda, sister Erin and BGs friends and family.

    • Cath and Jeff, your love will help us through this unthinkable sadness

  2. What a darn shame that BG has not lived a long life on this earth. I knew him when he was an infant and an adorable toddler. He was in my heart always, he and his sister and his mum – always important people to me. Brenda I know you will be bereft. He grew up to be a handsome man. Because I live in the UK I didn’t realise he suffered with his mental health whilst on this earth. His demons will be no more and he’ll be living free in the great beyond. Goodbye and God Bless You BG. Doreen Whittaker, JP, Vicky and Emma. 🫶🫶🫶 💙

    • Oh Doreen, it seems many lifetimes ago when the kids were together. Simpler, lovely times.❤️

  3. We will light candles for Gerrit. He is part of every walk in Dawson Park or around Riverdale as we admire its natural beauty . Gerrit can be read in the soil and on the landscape in such a beautiful way. I was so happy he moved to Riverdale and brought us all new life. He kept Kit’s legacy growing too.

    • Rocky And Eric, Riverdale was a big part of him. Thank you for your thoughts❤️

  4. Dear Brenda and Family,
    I am so sorry for your loss! There are no adequate words to share about how tragic and painful the loss of BG is to so many who loved him. He sounds like an absolutely amazing person whose light would shine in the darkness of life. What a beautiful person and such a loss for you and all those whose lives he touched. Sending much love to you during this difficult time. I will light that candle to remember BG.

    • Minnet, thank you for sending you caring thoughts across the miles ❤️

  5. So sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful soul and he will have found peace I wish for yours and friends and family he would have found peace in those who clearly loved him.Rest in Peace.

    • Florence, thank you for recognizing what a special individual he was. I am hugging my Mary even tighter than ever.

  6. I can’t imagine your pain. He sounds like a wonderful man. Loving, talented in so many ways, in touch with nature and animals… I’m sure he brought much joy to all those he touched. Not many people can have such a beautiful son, brother and friend. With time may the lovely memories help support you. ❤️

    • Chris, thanks for reaching out. ❤️

  7. What a wonderful tribute to BG. Brenda and Erin – May your hearts be comforted in knowing people cared for BG and for you, too. Such a tragic loss. Your neighbor, Sandy

    • Sandy, you have always been such a supportive and kind neighbour, BG was always fond of you❤️

  8. Sending care

    • Shawna, caring friends make the path easier. Thank you

  9. A beautiful tribute for a beautiful friend. Gerrit will be missed by our whole family, as he brought friendship and joy to us for many years. We will hold our favourite memories of our many adventures together close to our hearts.

    • Kenzie, you know how much Gerrit loved you guys and the Boys. Hold those happy memories close❤️

  10. I will cherish the precious memories of gardening with Gerrit, and him teaching my daughter Teagan about the vegetables and the soil. I think of him every time we pass his patch. Much love.

    • Jeffrey, Gerrit was always happy to share his passion for gardening. I am glad you remember that about him.

  11. What a wonderful tribute to BG. As hard as it is to lose someone so vital, ambitious, talented and loved. He is no longer struggling with those demons which so sadly possesed him.
    To you Brenda, Erin and the rest of your family I am sending you my heartfelt wishes of love and support. I will be lighting a candle in BGs name and yes hopefully it will be of help to those suffering from substance use and mental health issues.
    Your loving and caring friend

    • Lenore, my dear friend, your caring thoughts surround Erin and myself like a warm blanket. Yes, I feel BG is at peace.

  12. My heart breaks to read the sad news of BG’s passing. I will always remember him as my young fun-loving, blond haired nephew, with the whole world ahead of him, who I first met in Edmonton, before we immigrated from the UK to Canada in 1997. He had an endless energy and wicked sense of humour, which was endearing to everybody who encountered him. The world will be a lessor place without BG.

    • Uncle Chris, such a long time since I have seen you. Thank you for remembering BG in such joyful way❤️

    • Thank-you Chris for your kind words – and for always having time for B.G.
      Suzanne & Gerrit

  13. When we first met in the garden years ago, BG quickly became a very dear friend and his passing has left quite the crater in my heart. Your tribute to him is beautiful and his memory will be held dear by so many people. Grieving his passing and celebrating his life will continue to make my heart ache with sadness & with love for this truly incredible soul we were all so fortunate to know.

    He is deeply, deeply missed and his memory will live on as I continue to plant the various seeds we’ve shared over the years.

    • Tor you were such a good friend to Gerrit. He enjoyed your company and so appreciated how you and Miguel would help to take Cedar out.
      PLANT ON…his soul rests in the garden❤️

  14. Dear Suzanne, Gerrit, and family – we are so sorry for your loss. I’ll always remember BG as the “rat hunter” on our Abbot Hut-Fuhrmann Ledges hike. He was full of verve. Wishing you peace in this difficult time. Diane and Gary

    • Thanks Diane for your welcoming of B.G. on our infamous hike. Your words of comfort are greatly appreciated.

  15. My heart and my soul are aching for BG and the entire family.
    Words fail me. Love to all.
    Rest In Peace you wonderful young man.
    I am so grateful to have met you.

    • Thanks for your thoughts they are so appreciated.
      Suzanne & Gerrit

  16. Thank you for sharing Gerrit in life & now also with your loving & moving tribute in him. He was so willing, helpful, strong and capable. When he entered my home, he was fully present in light, calm & passion, enjoying and revelling in every single moment. This is the man I knew, welcomed & laughed with🫶🏻. May peace be upon all of his loved ones!

  17. To all of you as you grieve losing BG,

    Sending you love and hope for peace as you share memories of all he was to those he loved. We will certainly be lighting candles this Christmas and will add a special one for your family.

    Theresa and Jim

    • Thank-you dear friend for sharing our heartache and our love.

  18. Gerrit had a ‘larger than life’ presence. He did everything in a big and wonderful way – big smile, big hugs, big loves – his dog Cedar, his gardens, music, food and art, all of which he shared generously. Blessings to you Gerrit on your new journey. Peace and love to you and your loved ones.

    • Chery, Gerrit loved spending time with you. Your quietness balanced his boisterous self❤️

  19. Dear Suzanne, Gerrit, Thomas and family. Sending love at this difficult time. What a beautiful obituary. I will light a candle and be thinking of you all.

    • Thank-you Danielle – and for the beautiful and meaningful care sent to us. You are right – it captured his soul perfectly.

  20. Dear Brenda and fam ~

    Your young man has clearly had an impact on so many, in life and also in spirit. I’ll add his candle to a few others which will burn in memory of extraordinarily loving and loved girls and boys, men and women in my circle. Hugs to you and Erin.

    • Thank you Candace, I know you understand the pain. Hugs to you as well.

  21. Dear Suzanne & Gerrit,
    I was deeply saddened to hear about your sudden loss. He was such a big part of your lives.  How devastating this must be for you both. Although our paths rarely crossed, I remember BG as a warm and energetic fellow.  I know he will be missed by everyone who knew him.

    • Thanks Larry – and for your welcoming him on our epic Abbot Hut – Fuhrmann Ledges hike. He is truly loved and deeply missed.

  22. You will be sorely missed my friend. I am so sorry that we hadn’t spoken much recently but my memories of you are filled with laughter and joy and I was over the moon to get to spend some time with you when you recently visited back in Victoria.
    Sending love to your family and close friends at this very difficult time. ❤️

  23. I am devastated with Gerrit’s sudden passing. He is the kindest, most refined & generous young man I have ever had to pleasure of knowing. He changed my life from the point that he first made contact with me. He had deep insight into what it means to be happy… fleeting but ever present. I miss him every minute. He was a gift to the world, a teacher & a special friend; the world itself must feel the loss of this special person who in spite of his many challenges was always a source of great light in this troubled world.

    • Don, what a lovely tribute. Thank you so much for care and support.

  24. Dear Suzanne: Over the years we grew from colleagues to friends and we shared our stories. You always spoke of BG with love, compassion, patience and understanding. I am thinking about you, Gerrit and Thomas at this time and hope that you will find the support you need from friends, families and the great outdoors.

    • Thank-you Lynn for your friendship, your caring and your understanding. Our hearts continue to break as we learn to live in this new place.

  25. I think of you and Gerrit often. I know what it is like to no longer have a beloved child in your life. Today, I am sharing in the meditation and sending blessings to him but my real focus is on you Brenda. love, and hugs. and if you ever want to go for coffee with me, please call/text.

    • Rosemary, thank you for reaching out. Such a difficult time for all whose lives he touched. I will miss him forever❤️

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