Joseph Bwasisi

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Joseph Bwasisi was born on February 12, 1965 and passed on August 21st, 2020.  Joseph was the son of Pastor Eliphaz Bwasisi and Asinath Mukamugenzi.  He is survived by his beloved wife, Godelieve and their four children.

A Memorial Service will be held at Edmonton Central S.D.A. church located at 10131 - 111 Avenue NW on Sunday August 30th, 2020 from 12 Hours (noon) to 15:00 hours.

Burial will take place in Kigali, Rwanda.
As per the family's request, please feel free to leave a few words of remembrance
  1. Gode n abana n umuryango wose
    Uwiteka abakomeze muri ibi bihe bikomeye byo kubura umubyeyi, umuvandimwe, inshuti ya benshi B.Jesoph

    Turabakunda cyanee

    Felicite na Seth

    • Nos très sincères condoléances à Madame Joseph, aux enfants et à toute la famille de Pr. Bwasisi. Jeef yarwanye neza intambara yo kwizera, asoje urugendo rwe gitwari. Imana Rugira niyo yonyine yahumuriza umuryango mur’ibi bihe by’umubabaro. Nah’ejo kuri cya gitondo cy’umuzuko. Imana ikomeze ibiteho byihariye.
      Famille Pr. Murekezi D.

  2. “Faith to live by” defined who Joseph was.
    He became the best person to be around and learn from. Let’s live faithfully by our Blessed Hope of the soon coming of our Lord Jesus and that awaited morning of resurrection.
    Our sincere condolences to you his family.

  3. With broken hearts we pray that God comfort the family of our brother and friend Joseph Bwasisi, we hope will see him again in the glorious morning Amen.

  4. Nshuti nziza Joseph
    Urukundo rwakuranze n’ubumuntu,ubisigiye abakumenye bose.
    Udusigiye agahinda,ariko rurema wagukunze kututusha akwicaze iruhande rwe maze ukomeze idusabire nkuko wabikoreye muri iy’isi.
    Tuzagukumbura igihe cyose muvandimwe.

    • Dear Joseph Bwasisi’s family no words can express our sincere condolences. May our mighty God give you His peace that this world can’t offer during this time of trials and grief. We will see Joseph again that beautiful morning. Until then let us keep faith.

  5. Brother and Friend Joseph Bwasisi. The end of this chapter is the opening of a new one, the waiting of our Redeemer, our Saviour, on the Secind Coming. I know you cannot hear me but, you have left behind you a great legacy of love. Urangije urugendo rwaha kw’isi, ariko aho wshanze amaso natwe duhanze uyu munsi,Imana izaduhe imigisha yo kuhahurira, muri cya gitondo cy’umuzuko.
    Umuryango wawe Imana iwuhe imbaraga zo kwihangana no gukomera, kandi izahorane nawo iteka ryose. Turikure yanyu ariko turi hamwe mu mitima. Imana ibakomeze muri ibi bihe bikomeye.

  6. Nos sincères condoléances à Godelieve, les enfants et à toute la famille Bwasisi. Imana ibakomeze. Joseph warakoze kutubera Inshuti, tuzahora tukwibuka.
    Famille Dr Gasana Michel

  7. As we remember and celebrate the life of Joseph Bwasisi, a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, cousin, a friend to so many, a child and a servant of the most high God; we believe that he is now resting in a perfect peace.

    My sincere condolences to my sister Gode, children, sisters and brothers, nephew and nieces and the rest of the extended family.
    May the Holy Spirit, the true and capable comforter sustain you during this difficult times.
    We love you.

    Joseph is separated from us, but his values will be forever in our hearts.

  8. Chère famille Joseph Bwasisi, chers famille élargie,mes condoléances les plus sincères. Que Dieu, le seul grand CONSOLATEUR,puisse être avec vous dans ces moments difficilement surmontables du sommei d’un des nôtres. Surtout qu’il puisse nous aider tous a nous préparer d’avantage afin qu’au jour de la résurrection, nous puissions nous rencontrer dans son royaume céleste, lă où il n’y aura plus ni cri ni souffrance pour l’éternité.

  9. Losing the love of your life, the best friend, the hero of your being will never be something we can understand. I can just pray that God finds you as a family to comfort you in a way that us humans cannot. May you celebrate the great moments you had with this incredible being. He is proud of each and everyone of you and that’s what matters.

    • Nos sinceres condoleances a Gode, les enfants et toute la famille Bwasisi. Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous. Que le seigneur vous aide a surmonter cette epreuve. Nous cherirons tous les bons souvenirs que Joseph nous laisse!

  10. Rest in peace man of God you were truly a son,father and husband. May God give peace to your wife and children and wipe there tears.

  11. Heartfelt condolences to Gode, to the entire family. May The Lord Our God gives you the required strength during this painful time you’re going through. Very soon we will meet our beloved ones.
    God be with you 🙏🙏

    • Our heartfelt condolences to you sister Gode and the entire family. The pain of loosing a loved one cuts deep. May God comfort you all.
      Sending love and prayers to the family. RIP brother Joseph

      From John Kanimba family

  12. Imana ikomeze kubana namwe muribi bihe bikomeye! Turikumwe mumasengesho.

    • Sad to see you go but God saw it fit that you rest. I pray your family finds comfort and peace at the feet of Jesus.

  13. Cher frere Joseph birababaje kugirango ngire icyo nkubwira udahari ariko ndababaye nibuka byinshi nawe I Kanyasti uretse kwishuri cyane muri sport aho twagejeje ishuli ryacu muri second division . nubwo udahari tuzakwibuka

  14. Condoléances famille Bwasisi! Uwiteka abakomeze muri ibi bihe bikomeye. Muhumure Imana irikumwe namwe.

    • My brother and friend Joseph, we will never forget you for the good things you did for the family and friends. God loves heroes that’s why maybe he took you back we will never ever forget you may your soul rest in eternal peace.

  15. Imana imwakire mubwami bwayo Kandi uzoronke ibitsibo vyinshi kuri services zose wadufashije numuryangowwwanje.Ntituzokwibagira imana idufashe hanyuma ihoze imitima yacu ibabaye yongere iremeshe umuryango usigaye. Rest In Peace.

  16. Joseph was a true friend, a gentleman and a pillar to our small community here in Edmonton. My family and I are grateful to Almighty God to have met you and your lovely family. We will miss Joseph. To Gode and children, continue to be of courage. Our Living God will continue to protect you and us all. Amen. From Gaperi family.

  17. From our family to yours, accept our sincere condolences, Joseph was a wonderful man and it has been a privilege to know him.
    Godelieve and the rest of the family we pledge to continue be with you anytime you need us.
    May his soul Rest In Peace

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