Andie Löffelbein

Passed Away August 6, 2021
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Andie Löffelbein, 58, passed away on August 6, 2021 beside the “absolute love of his life” of 28 years, Charlotte. Exactly the way he always wanted it. His spirit is carried on by his three amazing sons; Chris, Dan and Travis. Andie also leaves behind his parents; Sieg and Kathy; three siblings; many extended family members and an allegiance of marvellous friends.

Andie will be remembered most for his funny stories and experiences, his laugh, his loyalty, his immaculate garage and his incredible devotion to Charlotte. He did everything for her.

Andie’s fondness of old westerns was only surpassed by his love affair of building a great fire for “heat AND light”, chicken done anyway, making everyone around him laugh uncontrollably, and the colour black. He could repair almost anything and made notes of everything he fixed for the owners for future reference. If any of you are missing said notes, call Charlotte……..later. Music was very important to Andie. He loved all music from outlaw country to opera, metal and 70’s classics. Johnny, Waylon and Clint adorn the walls of “his little garage”. He was born 150 years too late. There was very little grey in his life, it was black or white. Andie loved the idea of a simple life of days gone by. He despised liars, cheats and takers as well as squirrels, bread pudding, clocks that chime, Kraft dinner, and every reality show ever made. Andie took great pride in his yard-his little piece of heaven, being organized so you could “find anything when you needed it”, and everything must work and work well. Andie will be unimaginably missed and most undoubtedly never forgotten.

Following his wishes and fully supported by the family that loved him, there will not be a service and cremation has taken place. Everyone who remembers him is asked to celebrate Andie’s life in their own small way. Raising a glass of their favourite drink in his memory would be quite fitting, perhaps to a song that reminds you of him or one that you knew he loved.

“He stopped loving her today” George Jones

  1. Charlotte, we are so sorry to hear of Andie’s passing. May your memories comfort you at this sad time.
    Our condolences. Love Jim & Barb

  2. from the moment he was laid in my arms at 6lbs 3oz he was my baby,my doll,my “little brother” I have not one memory that was not happy, and heartwarming and I cherished every visit we had.Although we oft lived far apart he was always in my heart and I always thought we would have more time to reconnect…I will love you forever Andie ….and will wear black still…..”until they invent something darker” with love and gratitude Heide

  3. Dear Auntie Charlotte, Chris, Daniel and Travis,

    I am so extremely sorry for your loss. Uncle Andie had such a zest for life and was so fun to be around that it is hard to believe he’s no longer with us. I regret not having been around to see him very much in the past few years, but have lots of great memories of Uncle Andie.

    Take good care of yourselves as you come to terms with this loss, it’ll take time.


  4. They often say to Know someone is to love them, when it’s came to Andie, to see him was to love to love him. He always wore a cowboy hat no matter where he was…even at our dining room table with jeans, and of course, they’d be all black. Whenever my parents were away and I’d feel a little anxious, it was always comforting to know that if anything went wrong, he was just a phone call away to help me. The stories he’d tell were always the best…a personal favourite is the Rio the Donkey story (SHE’S GUNNA EAT ME). Most mornings, I’d wake up to the roaring sound of his laughter as he and Charlotte were around my dinner table with my parents and when I’d come up half asleep to say hello, he’s always make fun of the way my bun looked cause to him “something’s trying to nest”. To him, my bird wasn’t a parrot, but a “chicken” and he’d refer to him so whenever he was over.

    Andie, I hope this HEEEEELLLLOOOO finds you.

  5. Doris Retz. To the Loffelbein Family
    All the Retz family are sorry for your loss of Andie and please accept our sympathy to you all and especially Kathy and Sieg. We have fond memories of Andie
    Being very friendly even though it has been a long time
    Since we have seen him.
    With caring thoughts to you all. The Retz Family

  6. Charlotte and the Loffelbein family,
    We are so sorry to hear of the loss of Andie. There are no words to heal your hearts. He was a kind, helpful and fun loving man. I remember when Andie, Charlotte, Aunty Fran and Uncle Stray came and camped up in our yard for a few days, many laughs were had and we shared a few beverages. It’s been many years since we last saw you but your laughter and love of life will always be remembered. I couldn’t have asked for a better 2nd escort to my grad many years ago.
    Our condolences to you all
    Michelle Cere Dallaire and Family

  7. Dear Charlotte & family, words fail to express our deep sorrow for your loss. Andie will always be fondly remembered and so very sadly missed. He had such a way with words, and sometimes regular adjectives didn’t quite get his point across and he had to beef em up with a made up word or phrase of his own. They were often hilariously funny that he had to wait for you to stop laughing to continue his thought. His sense of humor, bright smile and the helllllooooo he’d greet you with when you answered the phone will never be forgotten. We’ve shared many great times and weekends were always so much fun when we got together. We are just a phone call away…

    “Rumour spreadin’ ’round
    In that Texas town
    About that shack outside La Grange
    And you know what I’m talkin’ about
    Just let me know if you wanna go
    To that home out on the range”

    With love and friendship, Pat & Brent Van Meer

  8. Mr. & Mrs. Loffelbein, Rudie, Heidi, Cindy, Chris, Danny, Travis, Marissa and Charlotte;
    Our sincerest condolences for your recent loss. Andie’s presence will be sorely missed by all who knew him. There are a million plus stories out there of Andie – each one uniquely entertaining and to be cherished. Here’s hoping we all take the time to remember him with others and share some of those great memories. We thoroughly enjoyed our last visit with Andie this spring and will hold that time close to our hearts along with all of the others from the past 35 years. With sympathy, Barton Coady & Dominique Cere

    • Wonderful person to know, that will always ring true. Xo

  9. Words cannot express my feelings at the loss of a great friend. Andie always went above and beyond. On his birthday in June 29 2009 I need documents from my home in Smoky to be delivered to me in Minot ND without hesitation Andie got the documents and DROVE them to me in Minot. Stray and I had a shot of rum and a carrot cake to celebrate his birthday and show our appreciation. Andie ate the cake, turned down the drink as he had to turn around and drive back to Smoky to be at work the next morning, and didn’t want any issues crossing the boarder I called him at 7:30 a.m.,June 30th and asked how he was and where he was. He laughed his Andie laugh and said “I’m just pulling into the yard changing and going to work”. Now that’s a very special friend and a day I will never forget. Andie and Char spent lots of time at my house for dinners I loved to cook for Andie as he loved food and would never turn down an invite or a chance to take left over home. Snowmobiling, quadding, camping, so so many memories I will always cherish. To Mr and Mrs Loffelbein,Hiedi’s, Cindie, Rudie, Char, Marissa, Chris, Danny, and Travis and all of Andie’s Family and friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you all as we grieve the loss of Andie …aka IAAA (it’s all about Andie 😉 you will be missed and always remembered for your kindness, friendship, confidante. May you Rest In Peace.
    August 27, 2021

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