Drew Wakariuk

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Drew Wakariuk, 51, passed away unexpectedly on February 14, 2020. Drew is survived by his spouse Suzanne Capkovic, his parents Audrey and Ernie Wakariuk and his step-son Steve Choquette. Drew was a very private man with a heart of gold. He was a very gentle soul and had a love of animals. He is remembered by all for his caring nature and helpful spirit. He will be greatly missed.

A private celebration of life will be held Saturday, February 22, 2020.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Drew Wakariuk's memory to the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institution are greatly appreciated.

  1. Our deepest condolences to Audrey and Ernie. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time

    • Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Thank you my dear friend. It was so good of you call

  2. It’s hard to start writing. I must keep in mind that these are not my final words to you. I’ll be chatting and consulting with you for the rest of my life. A kind of WWDD. (What would Drew do?). You’ve corrected me before, I see no reason for it to stop now. Your constructive criticism is a rare quality. Everyone should have someone like you in their life.
    Your compassion cannot be measured. Me as a witness, your sympathies are unmatched. To put others before yourself seemed to be natural to you. If someone needed something, either serious or frivolous. Your response was immediate. You have and will continue to change the definition of the word ‘self’ for me. I love you buddy.
    Segue to self. People often refer to friends as family. We extend that to those whom made great impressions. Sometimes it’s true but most times it’s said without real meaning at all. I may not have said it, but there’s no doubt now, it was the truth for you Drew. I know now because I’m forced to know it now. As I went along life, I’d try to prepare myself for the inevitable loss of my folks. Who could I lean on when this occurs? My two brothers, and of course you Drew. You’re the only friend I can say that about with true meaning. Not to disregard other friends but Drew, sometimes I wonder. Do you even have the word burden in your vocabulary.
    I have to thank your folks for doing whatever it is they did to raise you. Thank you Audrey and Ernie for the blessing you brought to our world. My heart goes out to you. There is a lot of aching hearts right now. Some minute refuge can be taken from the fact that Drew does literally live on in my heart and I’m certain many others. He’s given such an impact on those he cared about, it almost seems like only a small part of him left and most of Drew is still around us all. Am I the only one feeling that?
    There’s so many things I’d like to say, stories to tell. I’ll save them for gatherings. Maybe things I could say but aren’t recalling right now. But one thing I do know, you’ll let it slide. Thanks bud.
    You were taken far too soon. I’m still angry about that, but I like to think that you’re simply too powerful of a tool for God and you needed to be put back out here to improve our souls even if only a handful per lifetime. Everyone should experience the blessing of having someone like you in their lives. Even if for a short time.
    Your physical presence may be missed, but you’ll always be with me.

    • Darren your words leave a lasting impression. I feel Drew every moment of the day, I talk to him all the time, I say good night my Drew Drew, I miss you so much. There was something special about Drew, he was like a lost angel among the senseless nonsense of our society. I like to believe that St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals for his love of all of God’s creatures needed Drew to take over for him. According to Aztec belief, the Dog was created by the god to guard the living and guide the souls of the dead through the dangers of Mictlán, the Underworld. Dexter was his guide and I know they are both looking down on us, happy, healthy and ready to help guide us.

    • Darin your deep soulful words about Drew have touched my heart beyond measure. I have such a big hole in my heart that will never be fixed but reading such wonderful words about Drew helps soothe the pain. I still can’t believe he is really gone.

  3. My deepest condolences to Audrey and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this very difficult time.

    • Thank you so much my dear friend. It was so good of you to call the other day.

  4. I have been a friend of the family for 49 years. First I would like to extend our deepest condolences from John and myself to all the family and all who loved Drew. Drew was between my two sons in age. When we all lived in Gibbons, Audrey and Ernie had a dog named “Tipper”. Drew loved that dog. ( No surprise there). My youngest son and Drew were taking turns pushing Tippers tail up and down and every time they did that, he would growl. Audrey said”What are you guys doing?” And Drew’s reply was “ we are pumping Grrr’s out of Tipper.
    Another time when we all lived in Edmonton, I lived just a couple of houses down the street and I was having a birthday party for my oldest son; little Drew (maybe 4 1/2 to 5 years old) came to the door and I heard a little knock on the door, so I put my house coat on and went down and opened the door and there stood Drew with his play clothes on, torn shirt and he dressed it up with a bow tie clipped on sideways, looking up at me at 6 o’clock in the morning and he says “ Has the party started yet? “. Well, the last few days Drew was alive and he seemed like he wasn’t in there, I think he peeked over to the other side before he left and decided he wanted to be at the party first.
    He is now smiling down on all of us and telling us he is o.k.
    Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, They simply mean, We’ll miss you Drew until we meet again. Rest In Peace you dear soul!

    • Thanks for the wonderful memories of Drew. I think you might be right that he wanted to get to the party first. But on the other side of the coin, remember whenever we had to leave from your place he would say “we always have to leave at the best part”. Unfortunately it seems that once again he had to leave at the best part. My God, I wish he could have stayed so much longer. We miss him so much.

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