Klaus-Dieter Zeke

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On July 1, 2020 Klaus-Dieter Zeke passed away due to cancer.

He was a faithful servant of Jehovah and a loving husband and father, who is survived by his wife Barbara, his two children Wayne (Tina) and Christina, his two sisters, Hannah and Renata and his brother Karl-Heinz.

As per his wishes, and the circumstances of time, there will be no service.

“He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living, for they are all living to him.”   Luke 20:38

  1. From the time I’ve known Klaus-Dieter it was obvious he had great love for Jehovah, his family, and people in general. My condolences go to you Barb and Christina, and the rest of the family. Marvellous times are just around the corner when we will welcome back our loved ones.

  2. We are thinking of you all in this difficult time Barb, Christina and Wayne. Even though Klaus is resting, we will miss him until we meet again. We look forward to this time coming soon when, “Jehovah will swallow up death forever, and the sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces.” – Isaiah 25:8
    Jehovah remembers Klaus with a smile, just as we do and we look forward to giving him big hugs again soon.
    Mike and Heather

  3. Dear Barb, Wayne, and Christina : We are so very sorry for your loss. We remember many, many wonderful things about Klaus. His laugh, his smile, his twinkling blue eyes. He was always so kind to us and always encouraged us to serve Jehovah whole-souled. He loved his family and he loved life! And soon he will be living that life again with you and us forever. “Those seeking Jehovah will praise him. May you enjoy life forever.” Psalm 22:26

  4. Death is our enemy of which Jehovah never intended for us. When he awakes he will be free of pain and what a joyful reunion that will be. The song “Just Around the Corner will be a source of comfort for your family. .
    Debbie Webb

  5. Barbara,
    Caleb and I are thinking of you and Christina. Our thoughts and prayers have and are with you both along with Wayne and Tina. I know Klaus is your world and the love of your life. No words can really express how you feel at this most difficult time. How wonderful Jehovah is to provide comfort in the hope he has so lovingly bestowed to us who truly know him as our loving Father.
    His words at 2 Cor 1: 2-4 are a reassurance of how he cares for us in our difficult and unbearable times, “May you have undeserved kindness and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God.” May peace surround you all at this most difficult time. Love always 🧡

  6. Our dear brother klaus will be sadly missed. He was a wonderful man that brought joy and warmth to the brothers and sisters. His kind eyes and Gentle smile always greeting you at the Kingdom Hall. Klaus’ love for Jehovah will not be forgotten. He ran the race to the finish and endured to the end. Soon his eyes will be open and he will be overjoyed with the love of his God, Jehovah and the other faithful friends. Keep up the fine fight Barb,Christina And Wayne. May our great God Jehovah bless you with comfort through all your trials. Love you.
    Jason,Angela,Hawk and Savannah.

  7. I was so sorry to hear of Klaus’ death. Barb, you and your family have lost a wonderful husband and father who always took his spiritual headship seriously. He was an excellent example of love for Jehovah and his family. We are all looking forward to seeing you together again soon.

  8. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Klaus has a special place in my heart from childhood. Always kind and loving. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Penny we have known you since you were two years old walking on tippy toes. Thank you for your wonderful words, I look forward to all of us enjoying Jehovah’s paradise together.
      Barb & Christina

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time. Klaus has a special place in my heart since childhood. Always so loving and kind and a true friend. Sending virtual hugs until we can see each other again.

  10. Dear Barbara, Christine, Wayne and family.
    Klaus will be greatly missed. He was a gentle giant that took such good care of his family. He was a constant at our meetings and in the ministry. Now he is resting in Jehovah’s memory, a very safe place to be. We will see him again very soon.

    • Ron Doris, thank you for your kind words its so comforting to have close longtime friends to help Christina and I get through this sad, lonely time.
      Barb & Christina

  11. We sure will miss Klaus. We will always remember him as a strong oak tree. He was a big, strong man but his heart was soft and tender. He always protected his two girls and loved them so much. We can’t wait to meet up with him again, when he is full of strength and when his body is not broken and full of pain.
    We love you guys 💛
    Kristin, Keely, Jude & Ava Krokis

    • Kristin, Keely, Klaus loved to stop off at your store, for a coffee, and chocolate. But the real reason was he just liked your company. I too can’t wait for the time we will be visiting together eating chocolate and drinking coffee.
      Barb Christina

  12. Dearest Barb and Christina and Wayne, our hearts go out to you all during this time. Real comfort comes from our Bible hope of the resurrection of course, but also from all the memories that Klaus gave us. We remember his zeal for his ministry, his love for his family and how he showed Marc how to use the ketchup at McDonalds. 😁
    Please remember that we’re not far away if you need a hand with anything.

    • Marc, Cathy thank you for your kind words If anyone knows the feeling I go through it is the two of you. I use you as my mentors. Klaus and I have been truly blessed have you in our lives. I know Marc that Klaus thought of you not only as a brother but as a dear friend.
      Barb Christina & Wayne

  13. Barb, Wayne and Christina,
    I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m deeply saddened as Klaus truly was one of my favourite people, and I have so many fond memories. I’ve never forgotten how he always had that boyish grin, even though he was constantly in severe pain, and how he loyally kept giving his best…he was such an inspiration to me!

    He was a gentle giant of a man, and I know how much he loved his family. My heart really goes out to you and I pray you’ll find strength in the hope of seeing him again. All my love!

    • Thank you Tim, Klaus never forgot you either, Many a time he would comment about something you two would do while out in service.
      Thank you for being such a good friend.
      Barb, Christina, Wayne and Tina.

  14. Dear Barb, Christina and Wayne. Kaitlyn and I are very sorry for your loss. Klaus was a huge part of my early years and will always be remembered by me as a joker, lover of good food, someone who always had a project on the go and tirelessly faithful to his ministry work and those in the congregation that he loved so dearly. A man of large stature with a kind heart, never one to complain and always a blessing to those who’s life he was in. May you take comfort in the faith you shared with him and knowing he is in a state of peace and rest. Klaus was truly an example of how to live a fulfilling live in the face of hardship and my memories of him will not fade. Kaitlyn and I are thinking of you all in this tough time and will continue to as time continues on. Warm regards and all of our love.

    James and Kaitlyn.

    • James Kaitlyn, what can I say but the love of my life is not with me at this moment, I know he is in a much better place, asleep in God’s memory sleep always goes by fast, and I know Jehovah will resurrect him, and Klaus will be busy doing the things he loves, teaching other resurrected people who never knew Jehovah all about the God he loves, he will be building me a nice house planting nice flowers and trees. I can see this as I look down the future. I just wish the future was now, not so far away. I am just so lonely I need to hear Klaus’ voice, his jokes his looks, his smells. I guess for now I will just have to close my eyes and remember all those things about My Klaus, after all I have 54 years of memories. James remember when Klaus gave you cake and told you take more and hide it in your pocket? Your mom found a pocket full of broken cake Lol

  15. To all…I can’t thank you enough for your support enough through this tough time my mother and sister. My father truly was blessed to have so many friends who cared so much. Unfortunately the greatest lessons my father taught me came with his passing. I thank Jehovah daily that his passing was peaceful and with dignity. He passed away while I read the Book of John to him. I miss his sense of Humor. He was like a kid if the two of us sat together at meetings or services. Time does not heal all wounds. It just allows us to appreciate what was with more of a smile. I miss you. God willing…I’ll see you again.
    Again, I can not express my thanks enough to everyone for their support.

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