Maya Indira Eva Charlery-Vidmar

July 21, 1997 - April 19, 2023
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Maya Indira Eva Charlery-Vidmar was born on a scorching hot summer’s day in Vancouver, BC, on July 21st, 1997. Tragically, she passed away peacefully on April 19th, 2023, at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. She is survived by her adoring parents, Claudine Charlery and John Vidmar, her cherished sister, Jade Charlery-Vidmar, her grandparents Paul and Eliane Charlery, and Henry Vidmar, her loving aunts and uncles Nadia and Jean-Paul Charlery, Leah and Nicolas Priftas, and her cousins Soane Rioual, Rita Sidhom, and Marc Sidhom, along with her extended family. Preceding Maya in death are her grandmother Evangeline Vidmar and Aunt Eva Sidhom.

Maya was a beautiful, incredible, and strong young woman who touched the lives of all who knew her. During her early years, between Vancouver and Montpellier, France, Maya grew into a happy and active child, surrounded by love from both sides of her family. At the age of three, she was diagnosed with autism, and despite this challenge, Maya's kind spirit and loving personality shone through. She taught her family and friends to be stronger, more compassionate, creative, and loving.

Maya had a passion for music, inherited from both sides of her family, and loved to dance. She was also an avid traveler, visiting Montpellier (France), Spain, Italy, Martinique, Florida, Nevada, and Cuba with her parents. The family eventually settled in Edmonton, where they could access the best services for Autism. Maya attended a regular school until she was 17, in an adapted program, and she also spent three years in at the Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. Though these were trying times for Maya and her loved ones, they always surrounded her with love and support.

In her last four years of life, Maya had a sweet place of her own, near her parents, and was cared for by devoted and dedicated women. She loved to listen to music, dance to it, take walks in the ravine, and be near water on hot summer days.

Maya left us far too soon, but her family and friends will always remember the incredible person she was throughout all stages of her life. In honor of Maya and in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Sinneave Family Foundation, dedicated to supporting adults with autism (

No public memorial service will be held, but Maya's memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

  1. Sincères condoléances mon amie. Courage

  2. Our family is grieving with you, and we hope that you will find peace by knowing how much love you have always shown your beautiful daughter. Maya knew love, safety, compassion, support and caring by your constant and never-wavering actions. She was happiest beside you, Claudine, and we know that she will forever be with you in thought and heart, walking with you wherever you go now. Lots of love from all of us.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words.

      • I am thinking of you during this difficult time. Saches que tu es une personne spéciale, Claudine, et je suis sûre que Maya a impacté plus d’un, par elle-même et à travers toi et sa famille.
        Sois rassurée qu’elle repose en paix.
        Une fois de plus, toutes mes condoléances!

  3. Maya,
    Je t’embrasse très fort ainsi que toute ta famille


  4. Our condolences to Claudine and the rest of the family. May Maya rest in peace.

  5. Mes sincères condoléances Claudine. Ayant connu une situation semblable je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage et d’amour.

  6. J’aime moi-même Maya que je n’ai recontrée qu’à travers tes publications, Claudine. Je lui envoie ainsi qu’à toi ce message d’amour. Je crois qu’elle n’est pas si loin de nous et qu’elle reçoit ce qu’elle a su vous donner à tous, je vais me permettre de parler au présent : On t’aime, Maya.
    Claudine, ma précieuse amie, je pense très fort à toi.

  7. Toutes mes condoléances Claudine et John. Elle est juste de l’autre côté. elle.vous attends et vous protège

  8. Un énorme bisou ma Claudine. Toutes nos pensées vont vers toi et ta famille 🌺
    Isabelle et Olivier

  9. Un gros gros bisou ma Claudine. Toutes nos pensées vont vers toi et ta famille 🌺
    Isabelle et Olivier

  10. Hi Claudine, my husband Leo and I are deeply touched by the loss of your daughter, the grief of losing a child is something that nobody can describe. From what our uncle Alvin has told us your daughter was always loved and cared for you and your family. We want to send you our deepest condolences from Costa Rica, may she rest in peace.

  11. I am so sorry for your family’s devastating loss.

  12. My condolences.

  13. Chère Maya,
    Tu es notre ange messager à tous. Par l’amour que tu as suscité chez tous ceux qui t’ont rencontrée, tu nous montres la voie que nous devons suivre pour bâtir un monde meilleur. Nous sommes très honorés et reconnaissants à l’univers de t’avoir connue. Ton souvenir restera dans nos cœurs à jamais.

  14. My deepest condolences to the entire family on the loss of your beautiful Maya. May her memory be a blessing.

  15. Dear Claudine. We want to express our sympathy to you and the family for the loss of your daughter.
    We heard a lot about Maya in the years we have known you and we know how much love you have shown to your daughter.
    We are very sorry for your loss.

  16. I am so sorry to hear this news Claudine. Maya was blessed to have you as her mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  17. Très chère Claudine et Famille,

    C’est avec beaucoup de tristesse que j’ai appris le départ de Maya. Through this web page, thank you for sharing Maya’s beauty and your family’s strength and love despite the challenges. Je pense à vous. Sincères condoléances.


  18. Claudine,
    La triste nouvelle ce matin du décès de Maya m’a tellement brisé le coeur. Perdre un être cher est indubitablement une blessure incurable, mais perdre son enfant, à cet âge…
    Je ne peux que te souhaiter, à toi et à ta famille, beaucoup de courage face à cette dure épreuve, et à Maya, un repos éternel. Puisse les anges du ciel l’accueillir avec joie.
    Repose en paix, ma belle Maya!

  19. Dear Clo
    After years of studying together and years of adult life apart, we had the opportunity to meet only 4 and a half months ago. I had the pleasure, for one evening, of meeting Jade, your youngest daughter. I would have had the opportunity to meet Maya in a few months. Fate has decided otherwise. I’m sorry. And I am saddened, so much, that you have this new ordeal to face.
    Maya, your dear daughter, rest in peace and watch over you and Jade, wherever she is.
    May my thoughts of support be with you and Jade.

  20. So sorry for your loss. My condolences.

  21. Chers Claudine, John, Jade, Nadia,
    La disparition de Maya nous a tous choqués
    et je n’en reviens toujours pas. Pour vous la douleur est encore plus forte mais je suis de tout coeur avec vous et je vous envoie mes meilleures pensées et mes plus sincères condoléances.
    Maya était un rayon de soleil et nous manque terriblement. Paix à son âme. 🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤

  22. Mes plus sincères condoléances. Je t’envoie amour et pensées
    à toi ainsi qu’à ta famille en ce moment tellement triste.

  23. Chère Claudine, et John et Noah,
    Mes condoléances chers amis. Maya était une fille spéciale, elle restera dans nos prières et nos mémoires. Vous avez maintenant un ange qui veille sur vous.
    Elle repose dans l’amour des coeurs sacrés des saints.

  24. I was so shocked by this news. I know John loved Maya dearly. I felt honoured that he would share updates on her life with me.

    Claudine, my thoughts and sympathies are with you.

    Jade, I offer support during these times.


  25. Dear Claudine, Jade, and John,

    We are so sorry to hear this news, and we’re remembering how well-loved and loving Maya was. Our sincere condolences,
    Louise and Yohannes

  26. I am very sorry for your loss John; my condolences go out to you and your family. What a loss to have to deal with. Big hugs to you and Jade in this difficult time.

  27. Dear Claudine, John & Jade,
    Siobhán and I send our sincere condolences to you all for the sudden and shocking loss of your darling Maya. It seems there is no rhyme or reason to such a loss. The immeasurable sadness must be overwhelming, and our hearts are with you. There is no solace to be had, but to know that the light, love and joy that Maya brought to your lives will always remain with you.
    We wish you the love and comfort of your many friends and family.
    May beautiful Maya rest in peace.

  28. Je partage votre chagrin en ces moments difficiles et vous présente mes plus sincères condoléances. Mes pensée sont avec vous.

  29. Our thoughts and prayers are with Maya and her family. May she Rest with God in Peace and Happiness. May she and her family enjoy the Freedom of Eternal Life.

  30. Chère Claudine et Jade,

    Malgré la distance qui nous sépare, c’est avec beaucoup de peine que nous avons appris le décès de Maya. Nous avons eu beaucoup de chance de connaitre Maya, on se souvient bien lorsqu’elle nous caresser le visage pour avoir un contact humain avec nous.
    Nos sincères condoléances à vous deux ainsi qu’à la famille.

  31. Je ne trouve pas de mots pour exprimer notre sidération et la peine que nous éprouvons. Je suis triste d’être loin de vous. Je garderai le souvenir du moment rare que j’ai passé avec l’adorable petite Maya. Un ange qui a eu la mission de nous rappeler notre fragilité et la vraie nature des grâces.
    Vous êtes dans nos prières.
    Ann et Hector

  32. Ma chère Claudine,
    C’est avec une immense tristesse que j’ai appris le décès de ta précieuse et magnifique ange Maya. Je lui souhaite de danser librement de toutes ses ailes dans l’au-delà, sans un souci, le coeur léger et heureux.
    Je te souhaite et vous souhaite courage et inspiration.
    Je vous envoie lumière, amour et paix.

  33. Claudine, Jade, nous vous présentons toutes nos condoléances, à vous et vos proches, suite au décès de Maya. Nous sommes touchés d’apprendre ce malheur qui vous frappe. Recevez nos pensées affectueuses et notre soutien.

  34. Recevez tout mon amour et tout mon soutien. Très affectueusement, Laurette.

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