Michael Lawrence Handford

May 16, 1970 - July 23, 2021
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On July 23, 2021 at 1:11 pm, our cherished husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend, Michael Lawrence Handford transcended this existence for the next.

Mike was an intelligent, loving soul with a brilliant mind for musical trivia, an extreme love of fishing and fly tying, the ability to keep laughter ever present and an uncanny ability to make awkward comments tongue-in-cheek to keep us on our toes!

Music was his first love and he exhibited advanced ability on almost every instrument he touched. Guitar and Bass Guitar were his main instruments by which he expressed himself. Mike's vocal ability topped most. He could punch out a powerful rock/metal song or could that melt your heart with a beautiful, crooner type tune. He could tell a powerful story with an east-coast song such as the Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers; which was a favorite to many of us.

Mike was extremely kind, generous and loving to everyone whom he encountered. He treated everyone as though they were family. He helped many individuals.

Mike was the BEST hugger around. He hugged everyone. So many commented on the comfort brought about by these big, long, warm hugs that would envelope you.

Each one of us have so many beautiful memories of this gentle, loving bear of a man. Please feel free to leave comments of those memories on his Facebook page or on the Trinity Funeral Website.

His parents Bill and Millie penned a beautiful poem to share with you all:

"Deep in Mom and Dad's hearts your memory is kept, To love and cherish and never forget. You left us beautiful memories son, that often make us cry, and the love that's in our hearts, no millionaire could buy!"

We love you Mikey! You have left a large hole in our hearts.

Celebrations of Life will be held at a later date. One will be privately with family and a second will be a musical celebration in his memory to be held in or near Edson. Details to be announced at a later date.

A musical scholarship is being set up in Mike's name to help a student attain their dream of being a musician. Donations are appreciated.

If you wish to donate for this purpose, please donate on Mike’s gofundme page specifying you would like the donation to go towards the scholarship. In the near future, a page will be set up for this specifically.

Continued support for Mike’s family is likewise appreciated.

  1. We mourn his loss in many ways. And at the same time should be thankful that we were honored to know him while he was here. We move on, and upward, in his memory.

  2. Thanks, Mike. Your words ring true. We are honored to have had him in our lives.

  3. My condolences for Mike’s wife Amber ,children, aunts and uncles ,His Mom and Dad family and friends.

    • My condolences for Mike’s wife Amber ,children, aunts and uncles ,His Mom and Dad family and friends.

  4. You are so so right on everything about Mike Amber! Mike was such a kind loving soul,and his big hugs,they were truly the best. He did treat all that he met with such warmth and kindness. Mike had a way of making all that met him,feel special. I will miss him from the bottom of my heart. Much love to you and the family. Mike’s life was Richer having met and marrying you.

  5. I remember the first time I met Mike, he was out back tying lures and listening to the radio in the Honda. He made me feel so welcome in that house even though he had just met me. His is a memory I’ll never forget. Love you Mike.

  6. Mike was a true and good soul. I haven’t seen him since choir days together back at Camrose, but he did make an impact. I appreciated is kindness and his willingness to always try to improve the lives of the people around him in whatever small ways he could. My condolences to his family whom have lost a bright light.

  7. My condolences go out to all of Mike’s family. I knew him for only a short while BUT he made a big impression on my heart. He could play a mean game of poker, kept you guessing all the time as to whether he really had the cards or not and he usually did. He tripped me up many times and it was always a laugh at the my loss and his gain.
    When I asked if he would wear a purple T shirt as it was my turn to pick a color for the season, he replied “You bet.” I just love that t-shirt as it always reminds me that even men can wear purple.
    I wish all your family the best into the future and hope to maybe hear from you soon.

    • Thank you, Goldie. We really missed our poker nights. He was such a skilled player. He was great at everything he did, especially at being my husband. Thank you for your memory. I hope to see you all next summer as I hope to plan a musical memorial in Clearwater with all of our good friends there.

  8. Mike was a great guy and a great band mate. We hunted, we fished and we rocked together. Best bass player I’ve had the privilege to share a stage with. My heart goes out to Amber and the boys. His parents and siblings and all who loved him as I did.

  9. Mike was my best friend and helped me through some of the darkest parts of my life. His big bear hugs were the best. Im heart broken this man is gone. Amber…he loved you so much! His memory will be kept alive thanks to you! Much love 💗

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