Pius Eugene Kavanagh

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Pius Eugene Kavanagh, beloved father and husband, passed away peacefully at his home in Edmonton on Saturday, March 5, 2016. Pius, a dedicated and hardworking father and husband, created so many wonderful, funny, and memorable moments for all of his friends and family members. He will be greatly missed.

Pius is survived by his four children: Michelle, David, Brian, and Martin, and his wife Lien; and his siblings Earon, Colette, Dianne Marie and Maureen, and many loving relatives in Newfoundland.

Funeral home visitations will be available for friends and family on Friday, March 11, 2016, from 2 to 5 pm, at the Trinity Funeral Home, 10530-116 Street NW, Edmonton.

A Rhyme for Pius

Pius was a working man
A merry man was he
And every thing
That he would touch
Would change to reverie

For Pius liked
To tell odd jokes
And drink
Good rye and rum
With every sip
His eyes got bright
He’d tell another one

He’d laugh aloud
As he told each joke
You would be laughing more
Pius walked in
The soiree began
Down on the Southern Shore

Pius wasn’t just a joker
Nor a simple raconteur
For Pius could pontificate
On anything
And more

He was known as The Pope
And it wasn’t just his name
For he rolled with Jewish Rabbi’s
And the famed

But he didn’t care
For neer-do-wells
He was the real McCoy
But a Newfie joke
A story bold
Left a twinkle in his eye….

We’re sending Pius off
In the merriest of ways
To help him on his journey
To his next life's days
He might meet up with Jesus
Or even Buddha too
We’re sure he'll tell them stories
And even share a brew

  1. To the kavanagh family. Sorry for your lost. Pius was one off a kind to young to die God must need his good humour.we had a good many talks and laughs. When he was home about old times rest in peace friend until we meet again

  2. We are very sorry for your loss. Pius was an extremely kind and intelligent person and I have great memories of him helping our family in my younger days and doing the same for my mom in later years. Pius Kavanagh never forgot where he came from, nor who was important to him along his travels in life. Our prayers are with you all.

  3. Our heart is broken for all of you guys, he’s a big part of life to lose. He was such a caring soul, so good to us growing up and to my mom in later years. Pius never forgot where he came from, which will bring him back to those he loved. RIP Pius

  4. Dianne so sorry for the loss of your brother,your Aunt Annie talked about you all.MY mom Mrs.Tobin from Alderwood sends her condolences also .R.I.P Pius.

  5. Brother Pius,
    You were always my foil in life. From the 16 years we spent sharing a room bed to bed, to the times I had to keep you out of mischief, to the times you were able to point out how I was not living up to my potential (according to your perspective). I’m grateful for all of that, Pius. You were an incredible foil as well as a kind and supportive individual and a humorous trickster. It took your passing away for many of us to understand your greatness.
    Keep moving forward on your journey….
    Your older brother

  6. So sorry to hear of Pius’s passing,my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends…Rest in peace my friend.

  7. Im going to miss this guy. He really was my friend. Although we didn’t see each other much due to distance.. we certainly kept in touch. I will join you someday Pius.. I just hope it is not too soon.

  8. Pius, it has been almost one year since your passing. We continue to remember your Irish craic and your good deeds and acts of charity, many of which were performed in silent and confidential Christian humility. We recognize your faults as we recognize our own, but we continue to recognize your deeds and your dedication to make sense of of our family upbringing experiences and the teachings of our mother and our father. You did well and you worked hard. May God bless you as we do.

  9. Dearest Pius,
    It has been more than three years since your passing and still I have not gotten over the loss. We talk about you all the time, your crazy escapades and “pontifications” as our brother Earon always called them. “ The world according to Pope Pius.” Lol.

    You were larger than life. One of a kind. A jewel in the rough. A big teddy bear. A softie inside. So much like Dad in so many ways. And so smart. Your mind was amazing. You were also so giving and kind and generous to so many people, always willing to give of your time, your expertise, your finances to help out a friend or relative.

    You left me with some really great memories which I will always cherish. I think of the times when I followed you everywhere at age 4 and 5, over to the new house builds on Simmons’s Ave to find wood chips, making my first “ cake” for you when I was 4 and crying because you left me to go off to school, then walking back and forth to school together when I was old enough to go, dropping into the big library on the way back to get a new stash of books. I believe I became an early and avid reader because of you. Then in later years trying to learn to skate on the rinks you would make in the front yard, riding around with you on the crossbar of your bike because there was no money to get a bike for me too, borrowing your new transistor radio and getting into shit for it, lol. Then the later years going fishing up at your shack, your wedding, Michelle’s christening, going out to Edmonton.

    You introduced me to Loel and he and I will always be linked because of you. Loel died two days ago. He contacted me after he heard you had died and we had some great chats about you and him and your escapades together, as well as being up on the Shore, building the shack, playing pranks and getting out of close scrapes. He helped bring back a lot of memories I had forgotten and helped me greatly with healing and understanding. Maybe you know all this now from Loel himself. I am absolutely 100% certain ye are both now together reminiscing and laughing about old times and the things he got up to in the neighborhood. He sent me a message on Christmas Day to say he was going in for heart surgery the next day. We joked around and I tried to keep it light and funny as I knew he was letting me know in case he did not make it. I joked that if he kicked the bucket, one blessing was that ye two could get together again. He said “ That would be some great party”. Loel…one of a kind, just like you.

    Well, dear brother, I hope you are at peace. You have left me a great deal of love in the gift of your two little boys. You would be so proud of them both and their achievements and also of Liên. Martin is so much like me! He even has my hair! Gotcha! Now that’s real payback! Haha.

    Thank you for everything you did for me and our family. Our rock for many years. Love always,

    Your sis, Diane

  10. Hi auntie Diane I am Pius kavanagh’s little son Martin Kavanagh.I wish dad was still here.

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