Richard Gale Hulbert

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1955 - 2019

It is with great shock and profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our much loved husband, father, brother, and friend: Richard Gale Hulbert.

Rick Hulbert was a larger than life individual with an incredible zest for life. He was passionate, intelligent, articulate, headstrong, athletic, and loving. Rick loved playing rugby, camping in Jasper, canoeing, skiing, reading, enjoying time with his family and friends, and listening to music. Rick, also known as “Dancer” or “Squaredance”, was a lifelong and founding member of the Nor’Westers Athletic Association. He was known as a warm and jovial character- always the life of the party. He was exceptionally well read and had a passion for music and literature. He often recited poems and sang songs at gatherings with friends and family. If Rick had an idea or something he wanted to do, there would be absolutely nothing that could stop him. He was a true legend, and those who knew him will never forget him.

He is survived by his loving wife Susan, his Sisters Nancy and Barbara (and her family), and his beloved children Mary (Francois) and Michael (Susie), and his little granddaughter Leah.

Services will be held at Ellerslie Rugby Park (11004 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton, AB) on March 24, at 2:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations may be made to the Edmonton Public Library or to the Nor’Westers Athletic Association.

  1. Dear Susan, Mary and Michael
    All our love and prayers at your loss.
    Paul and Eileen xxxx

  2. So sorry for your loss Mary….I pray that your are wrapped in love during this time of grief….and bind with each other for comfort….God Bless….

  3. It is with great sadness that I send the family HULBERT MY Condolences.
    I have been your neighbor for some years but never really knew you. except that my grandson Gregory Brodeur went to school with your Mary.
    Your neightbor Dorothy Brodeur and family.


  4. My sincere sympathies to the whole family. Mr. Dancer will be very sadly missed. Love to you all. Liz Kingan xxxx

  5. Susan, Mary, Micheal and family,
    Morey & I are so very sorry to hear of Rick’s sudden passing. He will be sorely missed and remembered as a kind & loving man with a terrific sense of humour. I truly enjoyed knowing him.

  6. That smile! That amazing voice! That ability to remember every song that was ever written! Or fake it. So many stories! And impersonations! And oh how he made us laugh! Thanks Dancer! Wishing you, Susan and family, peace! May your memories help you laugh again. Love to all! Mary and Johnnie/Bullet

  7. Dear Susan, Mary, Michael & Family
    So sorry to hear of Rick’s sudden passing. We send our deepest sympathy for your loss. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Rosemary & Steven Samalack

  8. It has been decades since I last was with Rick a n school, but this notice perfectly describes all my times with Rick. It is nice to know he never changed from the wonderful classmate that he was. Sorry to hear of his passing and condolences to his family.

    • Hey Al

      Stay Cool

  9. Huge hugs and warm wishes to the Hulbert family. Rick truly was a legend – and will be missed by all. Our hearts are with you.
    Much love
    Kelty and Justin Germain

  10. Susan, Mary and Michael,
    Was such a shock to hear of Rick.
    My heartfelt condolences to all of you.
    May he rest in peace.

  11. My sincere condolences to the whole family. I am so very sad to hear of Rick’s passing.
    Our family knew Rick very well, growing up in Laurier. He was especially good friends with my brothers over the years.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  12. My heartfelt condolences to the Hulbert family. The world will be a much quieter place without this larger than life man…the only person I knew who could join me in a rendition of Muk Tuk Annie.

  13. Barb and family – My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. xoxo

  14. My deepest condolence to the whole family. Rick was a true Renaissance man who seemed to know something about everything and knew how to enjoy life. He will be deeply missed and not forgotten. May your memories of Rick’s laughter, stories and the adventures you shared help you through this sad time. My thoughts are with you.

  15. I have many fond memories of Rugby games and tours with Squaredance especially the Ireland tour. Also, Susan was working at the Misericordia the night our son Douglas was born. Sincere condolances.

  16. Morgan and I are so sorry to hear of Rick ‘s sudden passing. It has been a tough year for you. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  17. Richard Hulbert, Peter Nicholls, and I, became Laurier Heights friends in Elementary School, and into Jr. High, and University.
    Everybody has .. ‘ … that One Friend… ‘
    ‘The Rick’ was ‘That One Guy’ in ‘The Neighbourhood’ …
    He was ‘The Renaissance Man’ .. before being ‘The Renaissance Man’ was invented.
    Rick was both kind, and bright.

    I only first glimpsed Rick that sorry Day my own early-on insolence and green judgement once again ‘found myself in ‘ … an after school fight … ‘ with “Parkview Guys” … of course … and hopelessly outmatched.
    Parkview Guys were, at the time, the equivalent of Greenwood Heights to a guy from Tribeca.

    Rick was a ‘Big Guy’ even in Grade 8, and when he showed up, people paid notice.
    And ‘The Rick’ “showed up” for me that day.
    To this day, I don’t know how or why that happened.
    I guess, for Rick, friendship counted for something.
    And that day changed a lot of things for me.
    I started lifting weights, joined the football, then the track, and then the wrestling teams … right up into University …
    I wanted to be the guy who saves somebody … just like Rick ‘saved’ me.

    I remember a lot of other times when Rick would just ‘step in’ and ‘step up’ for smaller, weaker, isolated people.
    A girl .. a kid, really, black-out drunk, confused and under ‘pressure’ to do something really stupid at a house party …
    A big old lost German Shepard Dog without a home that Rick secretly fed TV Dinner and Hardin’s Drug Store licorice .. and even hid in the closet in his upstairs bedroom .. (from his Laurier Heights ‘Big Executive’ Dad)… until Pete and Rick found that old dog a worthy home.

    It’s been years and years since I’ve seen Richard.
    Or ‘The Rooster’ as he was at one time known.

    From the second floor balcony of a pretty Upscale House in Valleyview District … Judges, Lawyers and Millionaires .. with a few spoiled party-girls thrown in on weekends, mostly ..,
    … from … maybe 30 feet up … launched this Missle Man … off an adjoining balcony …
    Straight Down at maybe Midnight …
    This ‘Guy’ in a perfect ‘swan dive’ … fully clothed …
    Into the Judge’s backyard ‘Pearl-Shaped Swimming Pool’ ..

    That was ‘Classic Richard’.

    As usual.

    An Exit
    With a Splash.

    Fondly Remembered.
    Muchly Missed.

    • Dear Warren- this is Mary. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get a hold of you. I didn’t know how. Just know that you were fondly mentioned at the service and were in pictures in the slideshow. Thinking of you – my dad really had a special place in his heart for you.

      • Auch … My Dear Mary …
        Chan eil diofar,
        Riamh Inntinn, Lass ….
        Same as me,
        Never am I about
        Or even where I should be ..
        So .. then ..
        You …
        Now … Nevermind ..

  18. Susan,
    Don’t think we’ve met and if I’ve forgotten I apologize. I was a partner in crime with then “enrico fitipaldi“ during university years. Lots of stories from Tod mountain to Pigeon Lake. He loved to be alive so it’s a … no words. But this is for you I lost my life’s partner 2 years ago and send you a hug and a crutch. Know your kids and friends will hold you up till you can walk again. It’s a time of dark shadows. There cannot be shadows without light. Remember the light

    • Well then Joseph…
      Nicely Stated.
      and so
      GUDE on ya’
      In ten or GUI

  19. Dear Susan, Michael and Mary:
    We were so saddened to just learn about Rick’s passing.
    Rest assured that we will keep him and all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
    May the divine assistance remain always with us, and mays the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.
    God Bless!

  20. I have fond memories of Rick from times long ago, and remember him being an ace at Trivia and an all round fun loving great guy. Rick was a special friend to Warren. May your memories help you through this difficult time.

    • Thanks, Kid.
      You Both Shone
      at Trivial Pursuits.
      Like ..
      Really ???
      QUESTION: Edison’s Electric Pen became the
      Inspiration for Which Modern-Day Tool ?

      ANSWER: ‘Electric Tattoo Gun’

      Really ??

      You Guys ….

  21. Susan, Mary, and Michael
    I am sure you have a sense of the high regard Rick was held in by many people you haven’t met. He was a fun and likable guy that few people could forget. In the fall of 1973 Jerry McCoy hosted a party in the basement of his parents house. Lorne Ruzicka was creating the Lizards Hockey team and many future Lizards, and fans (known as Lizard Lovers), were there. I was from Wetaskiwin in my first year of University and new to the big city. There were PLake friends but many others I had never met. A big athletic looking blond haired guy introduced himself as Rick Hulbert and said he was going to play for Ruzicka’s new hockey team (the Lizards). He seemed like a lot of fun and looked like a hockey player so I suggested he should join me and Del Lewis to form the “Luxury Line”. I assumed every 18 year old male in Canada played some hockey. I had a class with Cheryl Piseski before Lizards first took to the ice and she said “you guys are in big trouble, you’re playing the 42 street Tigers, I went skating with Rick at Mayfair and I had to hold him up!” Turns out Rick had spent his time like Bob Bell, skiing and playing rugby and the Lizards were his first exposure to hockey. Notwithstanding his late start Rick became the fabric of Lizard Legend. His skating was never good but he could make his way to the slot and he developed a scoring touch particularly after he started to wear his leather mittens rather than hockey gloves because he “could feel the puck better”. “The duffel box ? was unique to Rick and part of his Lizard folk tale ?” Rick was easy to like. I learned some new songs from him, Allouette, and the North Atlantic Squadron, come to mind. He was probably the guy we had seen the least recently but who’s name came up the most in Lizard discussion. I wish I had seen more of him over the years. Sounds like his life after the Lizards was just as full and exciting as when I first met him. He was a lot of fun. So sorry for the loss of Rick.
    Sad day
    Don Odell

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