Rick Byers

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On May 31st at 11:16 am in the comfort of his home and bed Rick Byers suddenly passed away.

Rick was many things from a hard worker, mentor, idol, to a friend, brother, grandfather and so many more titles. His most beloved title was husband as it one day promoted him to father. Rick always made sure to provide for his family, working with heart and soul at EC&M, Wajax and more. He started as an “Inside Salesman” paying his dues all the way up to “Branch Manager”. Through his wife he discovered love, the meaning of family, to take chances, and the beauty of spending Christmas with his loved ones. There will never be enough time, paper, energy, or words to describe all Rick had accomplished, and all he had become against his odds. Rick is a leader, and led the way into the afterlife at just 52 years of age (born March 19th 1967) where he now patiently waits for his best friend, his wife, Amy Byers.

Left behind is his wife Amy; his son Cody, daughter Cheyenne; daughter-in-law Amy, his grandchildren: Bentley, April, Gunner (& counting); his brothers: Jonathan, Randy, Robert; biological Mother Jacqueline, father-in-law Bill, mother-in-law Janie, sister-in-law Tammy, brother-in-law Darren, nephew Chris, niece Katrena (Andy), great-niece Samantha, brother-in-law Tim, sister-in-law Shannon, nephew Austin, nephew Alex, aunt Lisa, niece Kaylin, nephew Brandon and numerous family and friends. He was predeceased by his step-father Dennis, his brother Keith and grandma T.

Celebration and Reflection of Life
2:00PM Saturday June 8, 2019
Trinity Funeral Home
10530-116 Street Edmonton, AB

Flowers can be sent to Trinity Funeral home located at 10530-116 St. Edmonton or a charitable donation to the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

  1. Sorry that he is gone so soon. Will be greatly missed Love. your favorite mother in law !!!!See you soon !~!

  2. Dear Rick, it is hard to comprehend that you are gone from this life.Will certainly miss you lots.Love, Bill and Janie.

    • Amy and family,

      May you be comforted by your memories, the love you shared and knowing you will meet again.

      Always know I am here for you.

      Lots of love
      Aunt Lisa

  3. I go to sleep thinking this is all a dream and when I wake up you will be by my side. Instead the realty that this is all too real. The reality that I am having to finish this race without you. I keep looking at your pictures and Just can’t wrap my head around that in this life I will never see your eyes, hear your voice or feel your embrace. We are soulmates and I am not afraid of leaving this world anymore knowing you are waiting for me with those beautiful hazel eyes and the warm of your embrace. Loved you yesterday love you today love you more tomorrow.

  4. I can’t believe your gone. You were such a pillar of strength for your family. You had such passion for your family your work and living life full speed ahead shutting down any obstacle in your way. I think that’s why it’s such a shock to those who knew you that you left so suddenly. Please know that you left a strong wife and children who share your same passion for life. May you rest in heaven, till we meet again…

  5. I can’t believe he’s gone, it happen too fast to soon he’s the was the glue that kept are family together on all Holidays. He was the one who was always there for me when things would be hard or when I found myself in a bad shape He wanted me to do and be better person I’ll miss you brother I’m so sorry I f we feel so lossed Ricky your the one I would look up to now what do I do with out you here I will one day see you again love your brother Jon Byers

  6. He had passion.

  7. Tricky Ricky!

    You always stood up for those that couldn’t. You may be gone, but will never be forgotten. May your legacy live on through your friends and family.


  8. As the minutes, hours, days and weeks go by I am panicking more and more knowing that you are not coming back. People say that you are healthy now and you don’t have pain the selfish side of me wished you back with all your medical issues just to have you with me. I love you

  9. July 1, 2019 I still miss you like it was the first day. Always on my mind and in my heart

  10. Hello bro its been a. Month since you left me and family and love ones its so hard for me to be happy or. Feel’s a little bit better than a month ago and I am coming apart I’m so pissed at this what you call earth this hell god or someone that says he a higher power but I don’t think so because he’s taking my dad Dennis byers then Keith then nordo my bro for life and then again my other brother this not right or is it just me seeing someone is killing me slowly its working so bad I don’t know what to do anymore f.. K me ?

  11. Rick
    I think about you every day. I look for you in the faces of strangers hoping this is just a mistake. I am surrounded by people but feel so alone. I miss your hugs, your hands most of all the love in your eyes when you would look at me. You are my soulmate and I miss you more everyday.
    I love you

  12. Happy Anniversary Rick. This was the first without you. I miss you so much.

  13. Rick, I look for you in other faces… my head understands what has happened but my heart has not accepted that I won’t have your arms hug me anymore, your eyes look into mine or your lips touch mine. This is going to be a long road…. I needed you to walk it with me. I love you

  14. Hi Rick,
    Our little girl turned 18 on Saturday. I need you to watch over her. I love you

  15. Rick, the snow is coming. I am sure you have been riding a sled up there this entire time. I miss you

  16. Rick it has been a long time since I have seen your face. Held your hand and kissed you. I miss you more everyday.

  17. It’s almost Christmas…. there are presents under the tree. Give me the strength to face that day with a smile. Walk with me.
    Love you 48

  18. Rick, we are about to leave 2019. I miss you more as every hour,day,week and month pass by. I try to make decisions that would make you proud. I miss you and tonight at midnight I will be kissing you. You are the love of my life.

  19. Hi Rick
    We are heading into March….. we plan on celebrating your birthday with your favourite ice cream cake. I wish I could look in your eyes and tell you I love you. Touch your hand and feel your arms around me. I always felt safe when you did that …. I have. It felt very safe since you left. I try to be strong but inside I feel like a piece of me is dieing everyday. I just hope this afterlife stuff is real it is the only thing keeping me going is knowing I get to see you again.

    Love you and miss you always

  20. Hi Rick
    So I am sure you would love what is going on right now. A true walking dead lol. I think about you so much through the day. We had your favourite cake for you on your Birthday. April wanted to go and get you from the hospital so you could come and have some.

    Miss you and ache to hold you
    Love you

  21. Rick
    It’s almost my Birthday… last year you were too tired to come out with us to celebrate.

    I think about you everyday and night
    I still get butterfly’s when I think that you will soon be home and all the stuff I have to catch you up on. Then reality hits me and I realize that this is my new normal. I don’t like it
    I miss you
    See you in my dreams


  22. Hi Rick

    It is now May. We are approaching the day that changed my life forever.

    So much has happened, you are a Grandpa again!

    I have gotten some more animals lol I can hear you saying no more I want to travel…… I have no desire to travel cause you are not here to tell me where we are going.

    I miss you more everyday, I go about my day and act like I am ok but the truth is everything I look at everywhere we go every decision I make I stop and think what would you say would you like this? Would you do it this way?

    I love you

  23. Just wanted to say thinking of you.
    Miss you

  24. A second Christmas is approaching and we still put gifts for you under the tree.
    The world is a messed up place, and I was asked what you would think of it. I said you would love it lol your own version of the walking dead. I am not “adjusting “ to the new life and it is not getting easier. I am filling my days and nights with so much that I yet have time to really sit and think about what has happened and where I am going. I sometimes feel like I am existing instead of living….but that is how I am able to get up every morning and face the day.

    You are a Grandpa to 4 now. Your Benjamin Button talks about you all the time 💕.

    Merry Christmas my love

  25. Well you are now 54😊. Celebrated a second Birthday without you. I think about you everyday. Nights are still long waiting for that phone call to ask how my day was.
    Love you

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