Mariann Rose Stauffer

February 6, 1947 - November 28, 2023
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Mariann Rose Stauffer, well-named for her occasional prickliness, was born in 1947 to Annie and Joseph Borai. The youngest of five, Mariann’s smiling eyes betrayed her infectious humour early on.

Growing up in Edmonton, Mariann was closest to her sister, Terry (Jerry), remaining tight until Terry’s unexpected death in 2019. Mariann made childhood friends who lasted her lifetime, growing and learning and graduating. And went to the Misericordia nursing school, kicking off the career that lasted her entire life.

Armed with her Class of ’68 diploma, fresh from a couple of turns around Europe, Mariann was ready for anything. And one night, sipping a beer at her local dive, Mariann heard a deep voice rumble “Hey, wanna see my pool?” She turned her smiling eyes to see a grinning young man with an impressive beard, and that was that- She’d found Charlie.

They married in 1973, and were soon off adventuring through Europe. In 1976, Anna was born, then Anthony in 1980, a Dr Spock-approved 4 years later. The next few years involved a little less jet-setting, filled instead with lunchroom monitoring, kaffeklatches, softball coaching, vacations and family gatherings. And those gatherings included Sunday supper.

Every Sunday, the family would gather around the table for dinner. Including extended family- Mariann’s niece, Lisa, and later her husband (John) and kids (Zachary and Trevor) were regular guests. But it wasn’t just family, everyone was welcome at Mariann and Charlie’s table. Over the years, dozens of Anna and Anthony’s friends would have the comfort of a good meal and the gentle, motherly slap of sage advice. Mariann was a trusted sounding board, never judging, occasionally salty, and always helping to guide her loved ones in the right direction.

The years ticked on, the carpet lines remined, and the family shifted and changed. Mariann and Charlie were left with an empty nest, although Mariann’s work, voluntarism, and active social life kept her going. After a while, Anna (Cal) and Anthony (Natalia) got married, and Una (Anna), Lily-Rose and David (Anthony), AKA The Terror twins, were born. Mariann retired from the Westgrove Medicentre at the spritely age of 72, having made many lasting connections with her colleagues and patients.

She kept herself busy, gardening, adopting and loving on sad old cats, and nursing Charlie, who passed away in 2020, through an extended illness. Mariann threw herself into her friends and family, continuing to help little old ladies, and finding delight in her grandchildren.

Mariann spent her last months doing whatever she wanted. Be it mowing the lawn, playing the slots, a whirlwind trip to Vancouver or sitting on the twins, she moved through life with her smiling eyes, and loved to tell those tales. So it was an absolute thunderclap when she was diagnosed with glioblastoma on Labour Day.

Fiercely independent, Mariann stayed at home as long as she was able, sitting in the yard, smoke in hand, listening to her windchimes. When it was time, she transferred to Pilgrims’ Hospice in Edmonton where, on November (date), she transitioned gently with Anthony at her side. She leaves behind her children, Anna and Anthony, her grandchildren, Una, Lily-Rose and David, her loving niece Lisa, and her grand-nephews Zachary and Trevor.

In lieu of flowers or casseroles, please consider donating to Pilgrims’ Hospice Edmonton, or the Canadian Cancer Society.

Mariann Rose Stauffer, RN(ret), dearest Mommy, friend, wife, sister, auntie and Nana, we were so very lucky to have you in. We’ll forever see you in our smiling eyes. Your memory is a blessing; rest in power, you dynamo.

  1. Dear Anna and Anthony,
    I had the great pleasure of working with your mom years ago at a walk in clinic Medicenter in Edmonton. I was a receptionist at the clinic. Your mom was an amazing nurse and showed so much compassion to every patient that came in. She had a great sense of humour too!
    She inspired me and encouraged me to pursue a nursing career and I did. I have enjoyed 35 years as an RN here in Vancouver and have fondly remembered Marianne and Charlie from my years in Edmonton. I do remember meeting the two of you at your home years ago. I was saddened to hear of your Moms passing .
    My condolences to you both. She will never be forgotten.

    Ingrid Gumuchian
    Vancouver ,BC

    • Ingrid, thank-you! I fondly remember you and your sister, and visiting you in North Van with Mum. She was always so proud that you went on to nursing, and that you were building such a wonderful life.

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