Erwin Peter Epp

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Erwin Peter Epp passed away peacefully in his bed at home, surrounded by family on November 30, 2020...and it wasn't due to Covid.

His parents Linda and Peter, siblings Melvern, Werner, Bernice, and Ella as well as a grandchild Joshua were there with Jesus to welcome him home, along with many other friends and relatives. He is survived by his loving wife of 55 years Helen; his children Lynda, John, Sharon, and David; as well as his grandchildren Peter, Geoff, and Jordynn, and one sister-in-law Louise (Werner).

Dad had a love for music especially the Gaithers, the Beatles, Elvis, Mozart...well, actually, he was well rounded in his love for music even enjoying Prince's "Purple Rain" much to the delight of his children.

His work experience was well rounded as well. He did logging in B.C., mining in Manitoba (where he learned he was claustrophobic), and worked in a grain elevator in Alberta and Saskatchewan but his true calling was in nursing. Whether it was psychiatry, the cancer ward, orthopedic, or general medicine he loved it all and spent 35 years running up and down hospital corridors, and lifting thousands of pounds of human flesh across Western Canada and in Texas.

In the 55 years of marriage he and his family moved approximately 40 times leaving many to wonder if he was in the military but all he did for the military was set up a "town" for bomb target practice at Canadian Forces Base Suffield.

What most impressed his children and the people who knew him was his love for his wife and his love for God. Dad set aside time every morning for some personal bible study throughout most of his Christian life and was an example that led all of his children to Jesus.

Dementia and Alzheimer's grabbed him, then cancer took his life, but that's all that cancer could take. We will remember him fondly till we join him at Home.

A memorial service has tentatively (COVID restrictions determining) been set for January 9 at 2pm at Vantagepoint Community Church.

  1. He was a good and God fearing man. My condolences to his family and friends. He will be remembered fondly for his hear and soul.

  2. Matt and I were honored to meet your dad. He left us with great stories and full hearts. Sending healing energy to you and your family. You dad was an amazing man. May he sing with the Angel’s.RIP Erwin 😇♥️💔

  3. No more sorrow, no more pain.
    You will be missed my friend, until we meet again.
    Love and prayers to his family
    From the Taylor Family

    • Sad to know you’re gone Dad (Erwin) but at peace knowing you had a beautiful journey home no question the gates where wide open for you upon arrival! And i can only imagine your excitment when God approached to welcome you! This all gives me comfort though you will be missed dearly. Our late night coversations were some of my favorite and helping out when situations allowed by caring for you and Mom (Helen) assisting with everyday personal needs & house/room keeping. I loved to listen to you talk and share stories of an array of topics. Your book collection & assortment of music was always astounding and Abbi still has the anne of green gables novels youd passed down to her years ago, they will remain a treasured gift from her Grandpa Erwin. I will miss the sound of hearing you inquire with me upon each time i saw you as to if i had become a nurse yet? You always insisted that nursing was my calling and purpose in life right from day one of us meeting for the first time! You were sure to not let me forget it by planting a reminder seed mentioning it without fail eveytime in my presence. You’re sense of humour and witty come backs were guarenteed a giggle from me and your loving advice was appreciated with respect and consideration. I valued your young at heart spry upbeat personality and positive attitude and outlook on life! You never judged me & welcomed Abbi & i with open arms and gracious genuine heart so closely into your life as your own family & always treated us as such from the first moment Lynda brought us together! This is where your “Dad” title & status with me & your “Grandpa Erwin” reference with Abbi came into play right away! I envyed your undying love for Mom Helen as one so uniquely rare in its way…as its portrayed in what id thought to exist only that told in fairytales & imaginary dreams of a wishing heart❣💖💓🤯 So magnificently magical to see in while wide awake in conscious reality❣🥰🤗 inspirational example of true love in every form of its meaning! Blessed & privileged is my & abbis lives for having you as such an important special part of both of ours and you allowing us to feel the same to you as a part of yours! I wasnt able to be there during your last bit of time here with us but im grateful for your little detour to me you made on your souls departure letting me know you were on way & could not stay yet another day but you sent your love & had been recieving mine…you’ll be forever cherished in my heart & mind…you were definitely a uniquely genuine one of a kind! Rest peacefully & sweetly in the arms of Angel’s until we hug again Dad Erwin! Loved you in life here on earth & will continue to love you & will again one day in Heaven too! Help Helen and Lynda, Jordyn, Sharon, John, David, Peter & Jeff now and in the days ahead that they will struggle greatly with grief from their huge loss and let them feel your love, light and protection surrounding them always in your death as it did during your life! Send strength & guidence to heal the hearts of all who loved and adored you to help ease the pain of all you are left to remain feeling the void in your name! Amen! Jealous of the Angels who now sit around the throne with you as one of them to sing God’s praise song!
      Dad i hope that My favorite pillow you loved so much gave you some comfort in your uncomfortable struggles and that by having it to rest your head on helped you to know exactly how charished and important you truly were and how very much you meant too me! Xoxoxo Sending you Huge HUGS & A kiss for each cheek!

      Jolene (daughter #3) & Abbi Deren (granddaughter #2)

  4. Loss and death. Eternal life and Peace with Jesus!
    A very special friend Erwin Epp died this week from pancreatic cancer.
    A devoted husband to Helen, who he Adored. A wonderful proud father. An excellent and compassionate nurse I had the privilege of working with.
    Erwin and Helen are my family. Maybe not blood family, but for sure family and awesome friends.
    Celebration and worship time for Erwin with Jesus!

  5. Erwin was a wonderful Christian man who always had a story to tell. May all of you be comforted in knowing where he’s gone. Our Condolences to all the families & friends who are left to grieve. Love ❤️ & Prayers Angela & Kevin

  6. I hope my favorite pillow that you loved so much brought you some comfort in your uncomfortable struggles Dad… and that by having it to rest your head on helped you understand just how very much you meant to me!!!! Xoxo

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