Myron Ronald Karapinka

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On December 7th, 2020, it is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my beloved father Myron (Merv) Karapinka.

Dad was an incredible father, friend, husband, uncle, and brother. He lived with relentless enthusiasm and was brimming with knowledge and hopes for a better world. He was a constant champion of the vulnerable even though he himself was vulnerable. And he loved, trusted and gave of himself always with a pure heart. He was a dedicated Christian and always sought to live the principles of kindness, compassion, sacrifice, and humility of Jesus Christ.

Dad loved being a teacher and he taught and instructed many successful students.Always there teaching but in a way that was unlike any other teacher. He would set up the conditions for learning, he would ask questions to provoke thought but he understood that learning is personal, experiential and not just a memorized set of facts. I believe that through this calling he touched the hearts and minds of many. He taught me to teach myself and to love reading and because of this gift, I have had more adventures then one would think possible in the briefness of a human life. I also was able to recover and become a person of learning even after the education system had failed me as it does so many.

Dad was my first friend and my best friend. Dad was always giving. It didn't matter what someone needed: a car, advice, a hug, a cup of coffee, a drive across the country or just some time with a friend, if you asked dad, it was yours.

It is with such a heavy heart that I say good bye to this shining star in my life. To this boundless spirit of generosity, positivity, hope, and enthusiasm for all good things in life. Dad loved simple things. A campfire. Hassle-backed potatoes. A fresh bowl of his sister's borscht. Good music and spontaneous dancing with his daughter Christine and his wife Pearl. Working on cars with sons and exercise. Dad always understood the importance of health and instructed everyone around him in how to maintain and improve this in the heart, body and mind.

Dad the world will not be the same without you. Our long planned Alaska adventure will be conducted with your soul not your body. I will know have questions that I will struggle to answer where I once could just ask you and receive boundless wisdom. I will miss you forever and the other people you leave behind, your wife Pearl, your son Adrian, your daughter Christine, and your sisters, nephews and friends will forever miss you and carry you in our hearts. And I hope someday my dearest father and friend that when I too pass I will have a chance to meet you once again.

Love your son,


  1. Aaron thank you for your beautiful testimony of your Father. I was so touched by what you wrote.

  2. Awe, Aaron, that was beautiful. I was one of your dad’s students oh so many, many years ago. I am terribly, terribly sorry for your loss. He really was an awesome teacher.

    I bet he was a wonderful dad. May your heart heal in time.

  3. Dear Pearl and Sons:
    Please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of your husband and father. As a former colleague of mine, I knew Merv to be kind, intellectual, creative, brilliant, sincere and friendly. He was a heavy thinker and truly a gentle gentleman. It is indeed rare to know someone who is able to successfully assemble a fully functional automobile and to tailor a suit. What a range of talents to possess!

    Aaron your tribute to your father was beautiful!

    May the Lord ease your sorrow and may you be comforted in knowing that others care.

    Joan Stewart

  4. What a beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Pearl my heart goes out to you.

  5. What an awesome teacher we were blessed with at O’Leary High School! Such an exceptionally wonderful person and role model for all his students; so very cool and ahead of the times! Seems like just yesterday….. With sincerest sympathy to the Karapinka family and all who mourn his loss. May he rest in peace. Vichnaya pamyat! Oksana

  6. Further to my earlier message of condolence I hope and pray your family recovers from covid; I discovered this just now. May God bless and protect all of you, grant you peace and strength to carry on, and may you be comforted knowing that my classmates / friends
    and I will always remember, be thankful for and forever appreciate the truly great teacher he was. We all feel such a tremendous loss. God Bless You All. Amen.

  7. I was a, long ago, student of your fathers and liked him very much. He was an extremely kind and caring teacher.
    This beautiful tribute will fill his soul.



  9. Your homage to your father was one of the most touching and inspirational tributes I have have ever read. This tribute reminds us all that our lives here on earth are temporary and we never know when God calls us back to join him in heaven.

    My mother passed away in December and my father 11 years ago. I understand all the emotions you must be going through and pray that God grants you peace with your reconciliation of this tremendous loss.

    I extend my condolences and pray that your heart will be healed by the loving embracement of your faith. God Bless you, Aaron and your family and permit you all to live every day of your lives knowing the angels of heaven are always around you. And now your father is one of them. Amen. Dennis Ryan (Woloshyn) Class of 1973

  10. I am so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. I was a student of his when I was in grade 11 and he taught me Chemistry 10! He was one of the few teachers that cared if you were having a good or bad day. May the Lord now hold him near him and say “Well done ye faithful servant!”

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