Ron Remouche

December 26, 1944 - February 28, 2021
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It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Ron, who left us on Sunday February 28th, 2021. Ron is survived by his loving wife Annet, with whom he shared an unbreakable bond for the last 46 years. Ron is also survived by his cherished daughter Andrea, sons Derek and Scott, as well as his beloved grandchildren Justis, Nick, and Rachel.

Ron was passionate about animals and made it his work to rescue as many as possible when he and Annet co-founded the Honeydew Ranch. He was a kind, patient, and peaceful man. Known among family and friends to be generous. Not only with his money, but generous with his love, with his time, and with his pronounced sense of humour. Ron always had a special place in his heart for seeing others smile and would always carry around a pocketful of candies to hand out for this exact reason. 

Ron was driven in his education and career progression and held 4 journeyman tickets as a plumber, gasfitter, steamfitter, and rigger. Ron truly was a man who always strived to learn more and perfect his skills to not just provide for his family, but to assist and take care of his community. He was a long-term member of Local 488, where he made many friends and provided many laughs and education for others along the way.

As passionate as he was about his work, Ron was even more passionate about the outdoors and spending quality time with those closest to him. He was an experienced cross-country skier, and loved camping, fishing, and sledding with his closest group of friends; Ray, Don, John, Randy, and Derek. Together, they formed the infamous Redgrave Rodeo, whose annual adventures created a host of unforgettable memories and laughs.

Even in his retirement, Ron never stopped his passion for learning. There was nothing Ron was not willing to try or learn. If he wanted to do it, he simply did it. He was an avid reader, took up sailing, practiced Tai Chi, and even learned cartooning from his wonderful teacher Gerry at Dixie Orriss’ Pygmalion School of Fine Art.

Annet would like to thank all the special neighbours and friends who have assisted her at this time, particularly Mark and Lurdes, Dawn and Archie, and Glen and Nancy, who have been invaluable to her through their kindness and willingness to help in any way possible. Their support will always be appreciated and remembered.

An incredibly special thank you also goes out to Dr. Morison and all of his staff, as well as to the many aides and homecare nurses for their kind and compassionate care of Ron, and their support and guidance for Annet in the most difficult of times.

In lieu of any services, please leave behind a comment or a personal story from our time with Ron, for all of us to enjoy together.

  1. First time meeting Ron and Annet…they took on hosting Kimberly and Joe’s wedding. They are the most caring and friendly and passionate people. Ron made us feel like family and right at home. Will always remember him fondly. Rest in peace Ron

    • Thank you Annette. That was a nice time.❤️

  2. Ron was an amazing man and such a great friend. I have so many fun filled memories of him. He always had funny stories and would do anything to help out those he loved. He will be greatly missed! He made such an impact on the world andy life is greater from having him as my friend ❤️

    • Thank you, Kim ❤️

  3. My dad was a great man funny laughing at funny stuff like fart jokes 🤣 stuff like that and always was silly and made people laugh watch hockey went to a few games and to the movie theater I can and feel comfortable watch inappropriate movies with and went to a few house parties.

    • You had the best Dad ever. He loved you so much❤️ from swing sets and trampolines all the way through to Uber Dad. Cherish the memories.

  4. I met Ron through Andrea at Chrysalis. He was always smiling and had positive energy. He was very proud of Andrea. When Ron looked at his wife, Annette, he glowed.

    Condolences to the Ramouche family.

    • Thank you Kim and Eric 💓

  5. Anytime when we were kids, uncle Ron would do a Donald duck voice and always made us laugh. I’m sorry Aunty Annet, we will all miss uncle Ron and he will forever be watching us and will always be proud of you and Andrea 🥰

    • Thank you sweetheart 💖 Everyone laughed when he did Donald Duck in the shower and Donald losing his temper! One of my favorite memories also❤️

  6. I’m sorry you’re going through this difficult time and I’m praying for peace for you and gamy Accep my condolence Love Anna

    • Thank you Anna, my dear friend ❤️ Ron was very fond of you and he enjoyed his pedicures and visiting with you. We are both going through a hard time and I appreciate our mutual support.

  7. I am dearly sorry for your loss. I remember well Ronnie was a hairdresser and he would only have one day off on the weekend and there was a certain religious group who constantly woke him up on this day and after being very kind he finally got frustrated and came to the door one stark naked needless to to say they never returned

    • Ron was a good friend and a good person he loved snowmobiling in the mountains and the fun times at Ray’s cabin. He will be missed very much. R.I.P Ron.

      • Thanks Randy❤️ You are a good friend. I am truly grateful that his ashes will get to the mountains as he wished, with a little help from his friends.

    • Thanks Lyn ❤️ that’s my Ron!😃

  8. He was my rock and my soft place to fall, and I will miss him until we meet again. Among the many memories of our love story, I want to share the inukshuk saga. When winter conditions were right, Ron would trace my route to work and build several inukshuk from sheets of broken ice and snow along the side of the road for me to always find my way home. He also built a stone inukshuk that resembles him that still sits in front of our home. I feel extremely blessed that I was so loved.

  9. my good friend Ron is gone It’s hard to believe that there will be no more bad jokes ,no more candies, and no more of his infectious laugh.
    the best of times were our snowmobile trips to the cabin, the red grave rodeo. I am lucky to have had such a great friend.RIP Ron

    • Thanks John ❤️ You are a very dear friend and I thank you in advance for taking Ron back to the mountains one final time. I’m so happy that he is being remembered as a happy fun loving man.

  10. The first time Ron, I was 12 years old. I had a crush on him. He became my big brother until the end. You always made me laugh. I will miss you very much.

    • Awe❤️ Thanks Lorraine. He was a good big brother to you. I remember he drove you and your belongings from Victoria to Edmonton in the freezing rain in a U-Haul. And he did the new gas line at your house. He was always willing to help.

  11. “R Squared” The first time I met Ron Remouche he introduced me to Glava Scotch liquor. We were indulging in Glava mixed with milk. It seemed to me at that time a very unusual combination. As I saw Ronnies sense of humour and his joy of laughter, I liked this guy! As we continue getting a little more inebriated I asked him “how old are you?” He replied 35, and I said “Man – you’re old!” He kinda gave me a funny look and laughed, as I was 24. From that time forward he became one of my most cherished friends. From bar fishing in the Fraser River together and going with his camper and his cherished 1966? GMC 4 wheel drive pick up to Stave River on cold winter days we would fish & head to the nice warm camper, have a shot of scotch, warm up, and back to the fishing hole. Absolute wonderful memories. From Ron’s sense of humour and his caring for others I also saw how assertive Ronnie could be., like the time we went to Brownies Chicken & ordered take out, then went to my place, opened the bag, awful! Ronnie & I marched back to Brownies Chicken & Ronnie abruptly told them it was awful & I want my money back. The young man behind the counter looked kinda sheepish & returned Ronnies money. Ronnie introduced me to cross country skiing. My lessons were taken on 224 Street in Maple Ridge just beside the little green house Ronnie & Annet lived in. We shared many great times in that little green house! Always welcome, always felt at home, along with their dogs Robby & Sheba. It was a disappointing time for me when they moved to Edmonton. As being Ronnie, he wanted to broaden his horizons. We always kept in contact by telephone. Nancy & I always looked forward to Ronnies cartoon character cards & jokes. We miss them. They always brought a smile! Ron had a great talent for drawing, as among many other things. His artistic talents are also seen in Andreas drawings. In turn now, Andrea, our “Tweety Bird” sends us wonderful artistic cards. They are greatly appreciated! Ronnie, to me, has left us being a loving & caring husband & father, and an absolutely wonderful friend. Miss you “R Squared”…Glen & Nancy the “Bird Nerds”

  12. I love you guys so much!❤️❤️ Thank you for the memories. Glen, you thought Ron was old. I was 22 when he was 35, I can’t even count how many times over the last 46 years that people thought he was my Dad and Andrea’s Grandpa. He was the best.

  13. My family and I sending our sincerest condolences to Annet and Andrea Remouche, and to all friends and family near and far. He was a great guy. I always loved his laughs and all his jokes. I enjoyed our chats when ever I go to visit. He will forever be in our hearts. Thank you Ron for being a true friend.

    • Thanks Scott ❤️ Ron always enjoyed your company and appreciated that you are such a wonderful life long friend to Andrea. God bless you and your family 💞

  14. Ron was such an amazing, loving, kind and generous man! I remember Annet and Ron would have my mom and I over for a visit or dinner and both would welcome us into their home with open arms and hearts! Ron would bring me into the kitchen and we would sample his liquor cabinet after dinner – he was such a fun and loving soul! He was truly an angel on earth and will be one in heaven! I am blessed to have known him and send my deepest condolences to Annet and Andrea!

    • Thank you, our sweet Sara ❤️ Ron always enjoyed your company and you mom’s also. 😇 We had some good visits.

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