Sarla Sonali Antoinette Cull

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sarla Sonali, beloved daughter of Anthony (pre deceased) and Blossom Samarasinghe. Sister of Anne-Marie, Shani Powell, Thushara, and Tamara. Aunt of Sierra. wife Of Lyndon Cull.

She is now resting and rejoicing in the arms of Jesus who she loved faithfully.

  1. We love and miss you much. You have left a deep chasm in our hearts. Thank you for the words you left us.

    I am with you
    by Sarla Sonali Cull

    When life seems so empty
    Full of sorrow and loss
    Know that I’m always with you
    No matter what the cost

    When evil surrounds you
    And all hope seems gone
    When the journey seems endless
    And through idle words you are forlorn

    Know ye not that I’m beside you
    Guiding you each and every day
    Can you simply not follow me?
    For narrow is the way

    My child did you not see
    When my presence you could not feel
    I was busy fighting satan’s arrows
    For the danger was very real

    You always belonged to me
    Heart, mind, body, soul
    Know that by the will of God
    You cannot be bought & you cannot be sold

    If sorrow is your companion
    And pain your constant boss
    Know that I am right here beside you
    And this fight I’ve never lost

    by Sarla Sonali Cull

    When the Word of God was manifested as Jesus Christ
    He gave us all that He could, with no thought of the price

    He showed His love, for God the Father
    And He asked us to love one another

    To give glory to God, in all we say and do
    The example for all sinners, my brethren that’s me and you

    You can’t fly like an eagle on the wings of a sparrow
    Christ the Lord will guide you, on the road that is narrow

    Show your love through one another
    Give a hand to your brother

    Turn away from all temptations
    That’s the way to find salvation

    Do this in memory of Him
    You will finally triump over sin

    Victory in Christ, the Lamb of God
    You’ll find satisfaction in the fight you fought

    Eternal life in the Heavenly Kingdom
    Open your eyes and see this wisdom

  3. We are so sorry to hear of Sonali’s passing. Her poetry speaks of God’s love and care for each of us and Sonali’s love for Him. She was a beautiful person inside and out. Our thoughts and prayers are for all of you. Love always! Debbie, Louie, Leilani and Kaitlynn.

  4. Anne Marie, Blossom and family, I’m so sorry to hear of Sonny’s passing. May God’s peace be near to you in this season. Thanks for sharing her words and the hope and sunshine she found in the dark places. Love and blessings, Heather

  5. Rest in power Sonali. We were classmates in Zambia many years ago. May your family heal xx

    by Sarla Sonali Cull

    My Master died, upon a cross
    Treated worse than a common thief
    He did this for you and me
    and all mankind
    To save our souls and save
    us grief

    He descended into the depths of hell
    To save our souls from burning
    He arose and ascended up to heaven
    And left us with a yearning

    If you think real hard, you and I know
    The debt that mankind is owing
    To the Son Of Man, the Lamb of God
    The lamp He lit is still glowing

    So seek ye first, the Kingdom of God
    It’s worth more than all the silver and gold
    And all of the riches of this world combined
    Cannot a candle hold

    Without The Way, The Truth, and The Light
    You’ll see there’s no hope for tomorrow
    When He comes to judge at the right hand of God
    Salvation you cannot beg or borrow

    ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers’ said He
    ‘This you also do unto me’
    Let the love of our creator bind you to our saviour
    And the chains will finally set you free

    So have faith in the Word, My brothers you must have heard
    We can’t be too late to reach and firmly take a stand
    Don’t you know You cannot choose to run with the devil
    And hope to walk through the promised land

    In that deepest, darkest part of your soul
    Where it’s always three o’clock in the morning
    If you let the Son of God unto your life
    You’ll see a bright future dawning

    So I give glory to the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit
    My first, my last, and my greatest eternal love
    Follow me and likewise let the grace of God embrace you
    And your faith will surely show you how.

  7. SEE?
    by Sarla Sonali Cull

    Don’t you see
    all His Glory?
    In your sorrows and your loss?
    Don’t you know
    He’ll reward in time?

    Did you think He’d forget
    Your sacrifices great or small?
    Or think for you there would be no end

    Can you see with your faith
    He’s saved the best for last
    The grace of God
    WILL provide in the end

  8. Dear Sonali, we your family are grieved to know that you are forever gone – way too young. Nothing we can say or do can bring you back. All we have left are a few of your poems to comfort us. But our hearts will forever be enriched by remembering your laugh, your humour, your caring and help to any and everyone in spite of your difficulties. Am missing you greatly, so am reading your poem to comfort myself:

    TEARS by Sarla Sonali/Sunny Cull

    Will the tears that I have shed today
    Be a river leading my prayers to God?
    Will the pain that I feel right now
    Be released by the grace of my Lord?

    Will my faith carry me through this journey of life
    And lead me to an eternal reward?
    Or will it slowly give out, and forever die
    By trials and testings, and I forever lost

    My heart feels a love, a faith, a grace
    That no words in this world can explain
    My soul feels the constant presence of God
    And only a peace, a joy, a love remain.

    If my life is a question, a journey, a race
    I know that I do this not alone
    For my Saviour, my redeemer, my Master, my Lord
    Will always hold me up, and bring me home

    If the Word of God can sustain me
    And His love be a beacon, a light
    There is nothing in this life to restrain me
    For my Saviour is leading this fight.

  9. Questions
    Sarla Sonali Cull

    Are ye the salt of creation
    that has lost all of its savor?
    Where within the Word of God cannot last

    Is your life worth more than all others’?
    And your soul worth more than all who have passed

    Is your journey worth more than all other journeys?
    And do you value the Kingdom of God?
    Then rest in faith, and your life on earth quickly will pass.

  10. IF
    by Sarla Sonali Cull

    How do i live without You
    I’d be forever lost if i lost You
    How do I breath or try to survive
    How do i live? how do i live?

    How do i live without You
    How do i ever survive?
    How do i dream without you
    And how do i ever get by?

    I can’t understand the kind of love
    that stands between me and death
    I can’t explain a love like that
    That shelters me through storms and rains

    The sun and the moon rise by your hand
    All creation exists by your command
    In seeking Your love i looked to your Son
    And in His eyes
    I found hope and salvation He’d won

    If you let me go how will i know
    If my love will stand the test of time?

    There’s no letting go
    And You ought to know
    That in this world
    I cannot survive

  11. Truth…
    by Sarla Sonali Cull

    Time cannot change ‘The Word’ He has in love revealed
    The truth of God simply exists, even if not believed
    Can man change the present, the future, or the past?
    Could we change the nature of creation
    Or from its founding give birth to the light that will last?

    Would heaven or earth obey you if you would but will
    Could time itself hear you and if need just stand still?
    Does truth itself exist, simply because you are
    Did you have one true and faithful Son
    And is the salvation, the Bright and Morning Star?

    But fear not this kingdom nor the things of the world
    For salvation lies in believing the truth of His Word
    The Glory of God will to us soon be revealed
    Redemption of all mankind ….and seeing we will see
    It rests on His promises, the Word of God finally believed.

  12. To Sierra at your birth
    by Aunty Nollie (Sarla Sonali Cull)
    (her last wish was to get this done for you)

    My love is like a precious flower in bloom
    That needs love and light to grow
    My love is like a rose, petals just unfurling from the bud
    That need God’s love, this i now know

    To my Heavenly Father I send this bud
    In trust and faith, for His precious tender care
    You see, I knew He’d help it grow
    But I knew not how, or when, or where

    He took this blossom, wrapped it in grace
    Made it pure and innocent, and said ‘here’s another’
    He sent it back through a very special angel
    He called it child, and said ‘here’s your mother’

    My love you are that precious child
    Born of faith and hope, a love gentle and rare
    That day i promised God the Father above
    Of this love I’d take the gentlest of care

    You’re in my trust, not for me to own
    Your soul’s a seed that He has sown
    While on this earth mine to guide and love
    Entrusted till full grown……..I’ll always be there

    Someday I hope, he looks down and gently smiles
    When He sees the care I’ve taken of you my precious child
    Someday I know, you’ll send Him your love (I know not when or how)
    For I know He’ll nurture you always from Heaven above

    I pray for you today life’s peaceful journey always
    Full of happiness and joy, no touch of pain or sorrow
    But if you ever get lost, or meet with life’s hills and valleys
    With grace from God above, your faith you only have to follow

    So I offer you a star to always wish upon
    I give you a family and a loving home
    I place you my baby, in a cradle of love
    Know that you are my miracle, forever not just for now.

  13. God kowns how much i loved you till we meet again

  14. Tamara,

    I just saw this and I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost a brother in January of 2019 so I understand. Being a sibling was different than a parent. Time heals some..but other days the tears still fall….

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